Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Five: Farm Freshed Out

Turns out the worst thing to find in your room before you go to bed is not a spider (day one), or ants (day three), but a tick on your back. Eugh. The spider and ants didn't keep my up at night, but knowing I had a tick on me for a few hours skeeved me out.

There were also no stars to be seen. Either the street lights or the cloud cover were to blame.

Day five was a half day as I had fallen behind on school work and needed a few hours to catch up before leaving for upstate Saturday morning. We had a 9AM start Friday, I think because the fields were so flooded from the storm the day before. I started out with eggs:
Egg(s) in bread:
Farm Day 5 001
I make a mean egg in bread, but this one, with the farm fresh eggs and rustic bread in a cast iron pan, might have been the best ever. The pan gets such a nice crisp on the bread. I ate it verrrrry slowly. The volunteer that came the night before bought some yogurt at my suggestion when we were talking about the mulberry tree outside the house. Every morning after breakfast and afternoon after lunch I would stop and pick some berries off the tree.
I enjoy stained hands:
farm day two 055Farm Day Four 032
I’m not a big fan of honey, but she insisted and a little bit of honey on plain yogurt with these sweet berries were tastyyyy. I could eat this everyday.
Farm Day 5 003
Farm Day 5 004
Past the sheeps on the way to the processing barn
Farm Day 5 007Farm Day 5 008

This morning was another rainy, over cast day. We harvested a TON of kale, from 9AM-12PM.
Farm Day 5 005

Spotted some cabbage.
Farm Day 5 006
My last lunch at the house was really good and pretty:
Breakfast radishes, asparagus, cucumbers and salad turnips
Farm Day 5 010
Head lettuce with balsamic dressing and potatoes hiding in the background. These potatoes were awesome, again, something I’m not usually a fan of. And on the right some tuna salad with dill and onions I think. I tasted a little bit, it was good.
Farm Day 5 011Farm Day 5 012
And lastly, some perfectly boiled hard boiled eggsFarm Day 5 013
That was a really quick week. I am feeling the effects on my body only today. I was home for less than 24 hours to do some homework, shower, make a smoothie, throw more things into my suitcase and head upstate.
Farm livin complete.

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