Thursday, October 6, 2011

I've always had a thing for proper red heads

This time is no different. My cousin and I went for a walk yesterday and while walking past a patch of woods heard something shuffling in the brush that turned out to be this pretty little piggy.

It went crazy when we came up and fed it some grass, wagging its tail and snorting

And as always, a couple hundred cows

We walked to the monk monastery that we had been on our last trip to Eire and I'm pretty sure I took the same exact pictures this time

It makes me think of the monastery in Geneseo.

We wound up walking for two and a half hours and refueled with delicious red coconut curry my other cousin made from scratch. I got a special veg version:

Tonight I made pizza at their request. I felt the pressure of representing New York in a great pizza, but not enough to resist the urge to make it as healthy as possible and used whole wheat stone ground flour for the crust. NY pizza it was not, but it was tasty. Rosemary in the sauce was key.

I really should be sleeping. We have an early and long day tomorrow. The time difference for my classes is beneficial as it gives me til 5AM to submit assignments on time, but the down fall of that is I then stay up to 5AM. Sleep and I never got on well together. Let's put that on the list of things to accomplish in life. Get some fucking sleep.

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