Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reunited. And it feels so good.

Oh. Oh my. I'm in the Dublin airport. They have internet here. A TON of it. Maybe TOO much. I'm overjoyed. It took me .5 seconds to submit an assignment instead of fifteen minutes.

I'm on two hours of sleep and feeling verrrrry woozy. I couldn't fall asleep last night. I think I was excited about the trip, but I honestly can't decipher my feelings lately. I know I love glenisk yogurt. Stick with what you know, right? I know rhubarb.

I'm in Nice until Saturday so my bag is a little more hefty than my one for Munich (I have lost all inhibitions about taking weird photos in public. Yogurt, suitcases. Bring it on...these are real life lessons I'm learning on this journey, huh? Let your freak flag fly)

A real normal sized suitcase with more than one outfit (read: more than one tshirt)! Tada! And like I said I have a place to stay and a personal tour guide so this jaunt is much more tame than the last. I don't want to run around Nice at all either. I want to stay put in the few blocks around us and get a feel for it instead. Here is a little map of where I'll be around

And the trend of meeting people everywhere continues. My yogurt caught the attention of someone and we just started chatting while I was writing this. Not only is everyone friendly, but people here are so gd charming. It's not just the Irish brogue. Everyone is red headed and charming and I'm just in heaven over it. And despite the fact that we all speak English there is still so many things I need to have explained to me. I really enjoy all of it. I'm going to collect and share all the phrases they've translated for me. Everyone also says your name a lot more here and I love the touch it has on whatever you're saying. "Welcome home, Liz" I laughed when my cousin greeted me with that, but then I loved it. This is home.

Time to check in and fly away. I will hopefully find internet access somewhere close to the apartment we're staying in and be able to update on the daily.

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