Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's up, skin?

I'm honing my Irish. I've been able to pass as being from Ireland a few times with a crappy accent and few phrases my cousins armed me with. It lasts a good two sentences before I start giggling.

Last Sunday was my two cousins camogie match, but it got rained out. It was not a grand soft day. This is kind of a pointless picture:
Before we headed out I had dinner at their house. I don't feel the need to tell anyone I don't eat meat before I eat at their house because there are always so many sides. My cousin must have told her because she had made me a huge plate: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, garlic potatoes, mashed potatoes and then loaded on some eggs with chives "for the protein!" It was a bounty, but she still said "I don't know what you're going to eat." Shoulda taken a picture. It was a feast.

And then scones. Matty makes the most delicious scones. Be jealous, siblings.
On our way tho their house we got stuck behind another Irish traffic jam. Teehee. I am still not over seeing so many cows everyday.

I'm dying to get onto their farm. I walked a little bit of it yesterday morning with my cousin to pick up their truck for her to drive me home. I hadn't been since we bailed hay the first time we were over, but I remember it so well.

This has been MY sweet ride for the past month. She has been good to me. The first few rides were a little shaky, but I'm now able to drive around without repeating "left side" in my head the whole time.

I still have to concentrate when shifting gears since it's with my left hand, but it's fun. The roads are tiny and windy. Driving around is its own great adventure. My cousin keeps letting me drive his vw golf, which compared to this feels like a race car...for a couple reasons.

And tomorrow we are off to Amsterdam! We have few plans, but it should be a blast. Anne Frank's house, a train to Belgium, foods, booze, red lights.

This has been more like a true semester abroad than I planned for. Freshman fifteen, so what is it, grad school fifty? It doesn't help I'm now also on an unplanned adventure of running out of my thyroid rx last week. It should come in the post today or else we're off to Amsterdam and I sleep and shiver my way through the trip. How puffy can my face get?! How much less of an attention span can I have?? How many public places can I fall asleep in?! It's all just so exciting!

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