Sunday, December 11, 2011


We are hittin all the little towns around here. Aunt and I went into Nenagh to call in to a cousin we hadn’t seen yet and then walk around town. First swinging by an old church…friary?

Nenah 008

Nenah 003

Nenah 007

I wound up running into AC and her beau. It feels like this country is getting smaller and smaller.

Nenah 009

The pizza hunt was over, but my Aunt swore this place, Pepe’s, was decent and it turned out to be pretty good. She got a veg lasagna.

Nenah 014

Picked up some tahini we’d been searching for so Dee and I can make hummus at a not so random specialty shop

Nenah 013

Cousin and I have been bundling up for ice cold walks at night in our high vis vests. She didn’t want to show off our outfits in a picture that I was going to put in the internet, it was weird

Nenah 002

We wound up stumbling on a late night cow mart. Farmers come with their cattle for other farmers to buy. We walked in at the end so only spotted a few walking around, but we’ll be back next Wednesday. Maybe this time sans the vests.

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