Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bermuda: Cave Monster/People Society (facts)

There was a cave at the resort. I came across a sign for it my first night but too afraid of dark water I said I'd save it for the morning.
Phone File 1871
There she is. A cave. Open visits even for swimming. I hadn't packed a bathing suit, so sadly I passed by the pool and continued deeper to the crevasse. I can't swim, but I can explore.
Phone File 1875
My shitty yellow flower sandals were the worst things I could have been wearing for an impromptu cave expedition, but this is adventure, keep it moving.
Phone File 1878
To be honest, I didn't get far. Caves are mofoing dark.
Phone File 1891Phone File 1903
I took out my cell phone for light and walked as far as my bravery let me I could, taking videos on the way to ensure when I was eaten by a monster or enslaved by cave people the detectives would find my phone and my parents would have confirmation that I did this out of my own volition and was not forced or lured astray. This was intentional.
After hearing some all too suspicious noises and rustling (cave people discussing what role I would play for them, rock crusher or leave waver to their king, no doubt,) I retreated back to the pool area. It was the middle of a bright shiny day, but being in the tunnel of a cave you're in another world.
Phone File 1892
Every noise made me jump so my exit was a bit more brisk than my entrance evidenced by the shaky attempts at a picture. I was terrified of what I would see when I turned the flash on to photograph the darkness.
Phone File 1894
When you run out of a place it was way more scary than when you walk. Fact. As I passed the water I looked at it longingly. I may have not packed a bathing suit, but god dammit it's a real deal cave. I had to do this.
Phone File 1889Phone File 1877

I went down to the edge and dipped my toes in the cool water, testing myself, racing thoughts of just jumping in. Clothes and all, just do it.
And so I did it. Taking off some parcels with my heart racing (as this was the middle of the day. I would have been safer at night, but obviously I would have been eaten. Monsters feast at night. So I risked public indecency over sure death). The water felt cool and luscious. I slipped in, bobbing down, the water splashing over my shoulders, licking my neck. Boom. Swimming in a cave in my skivvies. I tried to ignore the laps of water against the rock that made me nervous and kept treading water.
Phone File 1907Phone File 1905
The water was crystal clear to the bottom, but everything had a hint of blue. The walls were striped as they went up and got darker as they got towards the water. I carefully swam around the perimeter, feeling the walls and growing more anxious. And then every scary movie of couples swimming in caves or hot sprints or poorly lit pools crept into my head. Neither being in a couple or a hot spring or a movie I still fled the crap out of there when I heard one splash too loud. It's the cave people! They are angry I did not obey the bathing suit rule!! I clamored to the ladder, wrestled my clothes onto my soaked frame and ran up the stairs, rejoining the daylight and the civilized world, soaked and sated after my small silly adventure I grinned at all through lunch.
Phone File 1909
Cave Swim 2012.

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