Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farm: Day Two

I am pretty amazing. Let me explain my lack of modesty. I will be the only person to work on a farm for a few days and GAIN weight. The past two days I come in and wolf down lunch, house dinner and then scoot up to my room to do homework and eat snacks. I definitely eat a lot healthier off the farm, which is odd.

Breakfast started out as some Nature's Path Oatmeal with a scoop of Almond butter on top. It more than held me over for lunch.
We did a quick beet harvest this morning and then a few hours on cilantro. I will never look at cilantro the same way, and I'm sure every time I smell it I will be transported back to these fields where we spent at least 2 hours chopping the stalks down.

Tomorrow is distribution day of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes so we had to get numerous bunches of each crop for each box. I’m talking like 540 bunches of cilantro. On our way to the fields we spotted a caterpillar.

Harvested lettuce

Cleaning a ton of lettuce

I washed all of these

And watered the starters
Relaxing on the gator the way back to the processing plant after harvesting a few more arugula bunches
Strawberry Rhubarb pie waiting for us back at the house after work. Sooooo freaking good.
My aforementioned floor mate who I learned the name of and have had several smiley conversations because I don't speak a lot of Spanish and he doesn't speak a lot of English.
And that was my day and now I have several hours of homework to do before I go to sleep on my towels.

My dad just texted me "I am eating pie. How are you doing?" I assume this is because I bought him a pie for Father's Day from out East this past weekend, but nonetheless, amusing.
Tomorrow I am getting up early to collect and wash eggs! I’m told this is gruesome so I’m super excited.

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