Monday, June 20, 2011

Farmers Stain

I had to mix dirt today. This doesn't even look as bad as it was.
I harvested cucumbers (holy cow they are spikey!), bunching onions (which I swear look like green onions), kale, strawberries (my favorite harvest) and raspberries. Then we seeded ten flats of parsley for about two and a half hours. I arrived at ten and we worked until 6 taking a break for lunch.
I am staying upstairs in an empty room. I forget my neighbors name already. He does not speak English. The bed smells exactly how it looks like it would cats.

There is three of us in the house tonight, I believe. My floormate, another full time worker downstairs, another in the garage (la chateau) and another down the street or in the woods in a yurt. Yep, a yurt. I hope to see/take a picture of this. The only time I've seen a yurt was in sculpture class was when a student made one and stayed in it on campus for her final project. This is real deal living in a yurt all season long. I'm impressed.

I'm also sun soaked and exhausted. I've had two nut butter sandwiches already, but I still feel famished. One for breakfast and one for dinner. The farm staff rotates making lunch. We had an awesome pasta meal with sun dried tomatoes, fresh cukes, zucchini etc. We are welcome to all fresh produce for free.

I'm hoping to get some better pictures tomorrow using my camera instead of my crappy and now dangerous phone. I already cut myself on the jagged metal sticking up.
And just in case I need it, some bedtime essentials:
Time for homework! 8:30AM start again tomorrow.

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