Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day Two: Philly to Baltimore

We woke up early and went for an approximate hour run around South Philly this morning. I took some blurry shaky photos along the way.
But first the aforementioned amazing pear bread. And that tasty honey whiskey:
baltimore 005
baltimore 007 baltimore 008 baltimore 009 baltimore 010
baltimore 013 baltimore 014
We literally ran through the liberty bell building on our run. No one seemed to mind our sweaty panting.
baltimore 016
baltimore 021 baltimore 022 baltimore 023 baltimore 024 baltimore 025
Then we headed to Green Eggs Cafe.
baltimore 029
I got a vegan tofu scramble with vegan sausage. I eat fake meat rarely, but the sausages were good. The bread was amazing, the rosemary potatoes very tasty and the tofu scramble tasted just like eggs. It was awesome. I could not finish the whole thing. baltimore 030 baltimore 031
We packed up and made our way to Molly’s Old Fashioned (not at all) Ice Cream Shop in Delaware:
baltimore 036
TUGgin’ along…get it….
baltimore 039 baltimore 044
Then on to Baltimore.
baltimore 045 baltimore 048 baltimore 051
Rita’s custard. It was yums.
baltimore 052 baltimore 054
This teal color is everywhere I go
baltimore 055
We may have done some gross and ate dinner at Cici’s all you can eat $5 pizza buffet. Hey, we’re on a budget.
baltimore 057
My friends dog is named “Chewy” and I think it’s because he wants to chew our ankles off. He is not a fan of visitors:
baltimore 062
Tomorrow we run, eat and drive to DC. Time for homework!

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