Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Three: Baltimore to DC and Bethesda: Cop cars and Cupcakes

The drives so far have been very short, but we’re still covering a lot of ground. We woke up this morning to thick heavy rainy weather, but managed to go for a really nice run. Our host had a Garmin watch that tracked our distance and mile time and said that I was running at an 8 mile pace and NOT the 10 mile pace I always thought. Bully!! This makes me really excited and amped to train for a half marathon. It was also fun to kick two boys butts in a 4-5mile run.
bethesda 003
TUG waited watch at the door
bethesda 002
We got back and breakfast was an almond butter and jam sandwich. The jam was actually a gift we got at the wedding.
bethesda 004
Then on our way to DC to meet traveling bud’s old coworker at Capital City Brewery. bethesda 005bethesda 006bethesda 007bethesda 008
I ordered a prohibition porter. It was smooth and chocolaty.
bethesda 013
We got complimentary pretzels with super spicy brown mustard. bethesda 010 I got the black bean burger as it came with avocado aioli and not much else sounds more delicious than that. It was decent, nothing extravagant.
bethesda 012
Then it was onto Georgetown to visit my high school boyfriends sisters cupcake shop that is also apparently going to be a TV show called DC Cupcakes on TLC
bethesda 019bethesda 017 bethesda 018 She was not there, but we got a half dozen to split: Chocolate coconut, Chocolate 2, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Hazlenut. bethesda 029
We stopped at the Old Stone House. TUG got some face time:bethesda 026bethesda 027
I found a shedded skin one time in the dog park, but dropped it at some point and my ex and I spent a good hour combing the grass to find it again. I don’t even remember why. I remember even when we were looking for it we were laughing about how pointless it was. Got a pic of one this time tho!
bethesda 033
Walked back down M street on this gloomy day. bethesda 028
bethesda 014 bethesda 015 bethesda 016
There happened to be a Barnes and Nobles right across the street from where we parked so we stopped in so that I could do a couple hours of homework.
bethesda 030Aaaand eat our cupcakes:
Cookies and cream on the left was a surprising favorite. The hazelnut on the right was also pretty good. The coconut icing was yummy on my third one that is not shown here.
bethesda 031 bethesda 032
While here I happened to message my friend that the cupcakes were amazing and we wound up going back to meet up with his sister. Before we went back for more cupcakes we stepped outside to see that his car was gone. My first thoughts were that my laptop was in my backpack that was on my back and that TUG was in the car (along with the rest of my possessions: clothes, camera, food etc). I was okay with the loss, but that is still one of the most stomach dropping feelings in the world. I stared at the empty space and then looked up at the tow signs surrounding us that we somehow didn’t notice when we pulled up. Then finally travel bud broke the silence with “WHERE IS MY CAR?” Ugh. Official. It was towed.
Travel bud (TB from now on) called the number on the tow signs as I constructed a text to my friend explaining what happened and to please let his sister know we wouldn’t be coming back, but TB proved why he IS my TB when he turned to me and said “we’re still getting more cupcakes.” Yes. He called as we walked back. I went in to talk to her more to ask her what the heck to do and go. She printed us out a map of the area and then touched my arm and said “let me get you some cupcakes”
bethesda 038 bethesda 039
It was a beautiful way to diffuse a shitty situation. I wish we got to chat more with her. I’m curious how she got the job and what she does and how she likes DC. I’ve always liked his sister even though I was painfully shy in high school and barely spoke to her as I was oddly intimidated by his family whenever I was at their house. They’re lovely I was just insanely timid for very many years for no good reason. So we left and went down to the street we should have found the car, but no luck. I took pictures of the mediocre scenery to help keep myself from dreading how much this was going to cost us unemployed vagabonds.
bethesda 034 bethesda 035 bethesda 036 bethesda 037
We found a police officer and asked him if he could help and he told us to hop in the back and we’d look for it. :O
Georgetown through the window of a criminal
bethesda 040 bethesda 041
I’ve never been in a squad car before. Those seats are uncomfortable!
bethesda 042 bethesda 043
He drove up and down the streets, turning his lights on and siren intermittently when he would decide to drive down the wrong side of the street or pull a u turn. TB and I kept facing away from each other because every time we caught the others eye we would smile ear to ear thinking about how cool it was to be in the back seat of a squad car even though we are not 8 years old.
And then we found it on the same street we looked the first time. Go figure. $150 in tickets later we were on our way to Bethesda to stay with TB’s cousin. Another short drive and we were here and back out to eating. We walked to this cute salad place Mixt Greens:
bethesda 047bethesda 045
I got a salad called the dagwood which consisted of: mixt greens, roasted portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, roasted zucchini, caramelized onions, goat cheese, garlic croutons, balsamic reduction, lemon herb vinaigrette. It was delicious.
And from 8PM-12AM I did homework. I’m exhausted. Tomorrow is another run in another city and then onto Richmond, Virginia. We swapped it for Charlottesville as it’s going to cut an hour off the drive and some other reason I can’t remember. My brain’s sleepy. This will be the first night I’m not doing hw until 3AM. Bully.

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