Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Four: Bethesda, MD to Richmond, VA to Warrentown, NC

Big day. We went for a run this morning in the burbs of Bethesda. At around a half hour TB decided to run back and I decided I wanted to keep going. We both got lost and wound up arriving back at the house at the same time. It was a good 55min run solely to keep up the awful eating habits we've been keeping. I can't have a dozen cupcakes at my disposal and expect not to eat them.
TUG made friends with the hosts bunny
Richmond 003 On our way to Richmond, VA we passed the amusement park that Step by Step was filmed at! Whoa!
Richmond 004
I kept the cupcakes on my lap because I didn’t want to take any chances with them getting squished, but the aroma was too much and eventually we had to dig in. I had the blueberry cheesecake. TB had the last of this banana sundae type one and I believe the other missing ones were from our host
Richmond 005 Richmond 006
We stopped in Richmond for some bbq at a place that we learned was on Bobby Flay’s “Throw Down” for the ribs. Buz and Ned’s won
Richmond 007 Richmond 008
I had a silly amount of really good sides
Baked beans, cucumber and onion salad, collard greens, mac and cheese that I doused in hot sauce and hush puppies. I’m sorry, stomach.
Richmond 010 Richmond 011
TB had lots and lots of ribs:
Richmond 013
We had some time to kill so we drove down the street to spend a few hours at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. for FREE
Richmond 067
Richmond 015 Richmond 016 Richmond 017
Art. Pfft. Texting and sneaking a snooze. All he wanted to see was the medieval artRichmond 018
But we found a giant whale: Mocha Dick
Richmond 022
Richmond 027
I am always excited to see a Rothko
Richmond 031 Richmond 035 Richmond 039
Fancy Marble
Richmond 044 Richmond 046
TB got some strawberry ice cream
Richmond 049
I imagine this is an important building
Richmond 051
The cafe
Richmond 053
The unity of human and earth I think?
Richmond 061 Richmond 068

And then we made it to Warrentown, NC! We’ve had some pretty quick drives. We arrived at our friends and promptly left for dinner because this trip is basically only about eating.
This town is really cute. We walked to the library to drop off her books and then onto The Hardware Cafe. It was very small towny. Our host tells us that there is a town meeting every other Saturday. Adorable. I want it.
Richmond 077
I got a sandwich of provolone, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mild peppers and pickles with chipotle mayo on pumpernickel bread. It was really good for such a simple sandwich. I may want to stop on the way out and get one to go tomorrow. It was 5 bucks!
Richmond 079 And then a $2 slice of nutty buddy pie. I wanted to get sweet tea, but the waitress forgot. I will save this for tomorrow or Georgia now. Richmond 080
I wish I had a sign of “Welcome to North Carolina – The friendliest state” It really is. We’ve already been talked to by strangers several times and they’re all really pleasant. I guess if you grow up in a place like this I can see why you might think New Yorkers are rude. Everyone is just so sweet here.
I love that it is before 10PM and I am about to do hw and possibly get to bed at a reasonable hour:

The friends house we’re staying in tonight is huge and really nice. Tomorrow we go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! It’s our only stop where we’re spending the night in a hotel. A really cheap, on the beach hotel…so…probably really sketchy and dirty. Adventures!

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