Friday, August 5, 2011

Day Five: Warrentown, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC. Day Six: Myrtle Beach, SC to Fayetteville, GA

Yesterday (YESTERDAY?! I can’t believe how much ground we’ve covered) I went for a nice run by myself around Warrentown:Warrentown 023Warrentown 027
It is a really cute small town. Cleo’s whine reminded me so much of the bones. She was a cutey and just wanted to cuddle.
Warrentown 001 Warrentown 005
Warrentown 007
Our friends house is awesome Complete with a church pew
Warrentown 008
Many porch swings
Warrentown 018 Jacob Holt pretty much built the town buildings:
Warrentown 021 Warrentown 029
Warrentown 032
Some statue and building
Warrentown 026
Helpful reminders along the roads!
Warrentown 028 Warrentown 036
I ran past a produce stand and made sure to come back once I was showered and fed
Warrentown 035
Almond butter on whole wheat bread has been my breakfast every single day. Today it was my lunch.
Warrentown 038
I really wanted a watermelon, but they were HUGE. I only had to walk a block, but I was tired and sweaty from my run so I opted out. TB doesn’t love watermelon so I would have had to eat the entire thing myself. Warrentown 040Instead I got a green tomato, regular tomato and two peaches:
Warrentown 042 I put salt, pepper, oregano on with a little mayo and stacked them on a slice of bread
Warrentown 044
It was soooo good. I have yet to use the green tomato and I’m not sure how that is going to happen without access to a frying pan
Warrentown 049
A couple of quick Cleo + TUG pics and then we were on our way to Myrtle Beach, SC
Warrentown 053 Warrentown 060
I was really happy to end the days of cupcakes. It was actually relieving for me not to think about wanting to eat the so badly.
Myrtle BEach 009 Myrtle BEach 010
Myrtle BEach 011
We passed some interesting signs and restaurants: FATZ
Myrtle BEach 012
Four hours later made it to our beach front hotel (Super 8).
Goyja 008
It was nice to be able to have beds and space to bring our luggage in as usually we’re picking out our clothes on the streets and out of TBs drunk (as we did in Philly below) and bringing in only what we need to people’s houses
Myrtle BEach 005
Beach from our doorway:Myrtle BEach 016 It was cloud cover, but HOT. I did some hw before we left again to get some vacation victuals: dinner, liquor and taffy.
There are a TON of pancake houses in SC, but we settled on Bangkok House of Thai Food. It was maybe the best peanut sauce I’ve ever had, very peanut buttery. This dish was exactly what I had wanted. Steamed veggies, rice, pad thaish broth, peanut butter:
TB got us an appetizer of veggie rolls. He was going to order chicken wings initially. What a guy.
After dinner I did some more hw and then we made our way to Broadway, a strip of bars in Myrtle Beach and had a grand old time ending at 6AM only to get up at 9AM and drive 7 hours to Fayetteville, GA to stay with my family for a night.
200+ miles on one road seemed very dauntingGoyja 019
I finally drove a leg of the trip. TB has been driving this whole time like a champ. First time in the passenger seat and he falls asleep. It was well earned and I didn't mind rocking out by myself for a while. The drive wasn’t bad at all. We both have no hesitation to belt out and car dance and that makes time fly.
Tomorrow we wake up to run. We took this morning off for a number of reasons…I made it to the breakfast buffet in time to grab us both a muffin, but no time to take a picture. We hit up the beach very briefly before leaving.
Goyja 010 Goyja 011 Goyja 012 Goyja 013 Goyja 014 Goyja 015 Goyja 016 Goyja 017
We arrived at my family’s house and shortly went to dinner at the Grind House in downtown Atlanta. They like robots and so do I.
Goyja 021 Goyja 022
I had a really good veggie burger consisting of two kinds of beans and quinoa. It was so tasty. You can make your own creation so I had it in a lettuce wrap with tomato, onions, pickles, jalapenos, chipotle ranch dressing, swiss cheese and a fried green tomato on top. We are in the South after all.
Goyja 025
I then stole fries and onion rings from the others to make up for the carbs I was holding back on with the lettuce wrap. This place also makes alcoholic milkshakes. I got an El Duderino: pinnacle vanilla vodka, kahlua, coffee syrup and I’m guessing soft serve ice cream. It was tasty.
Goyja 024
And bc my family bleeds hot fudge they took us on a short driving tour of Atlanta and then right to an ice cream shop. with MORE robots!
Goyja 027 - Copy Oatmeal cookie pie and traditional chocolate with hot fudge and caramel in a waffle cone. Goyja 028
If this trip doesn’t give me diabetes…

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