Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day Seven: FINAL DESTINATION! Fayetteville, GA to Melbourne, FL

We did it! This was our longest trek so far, 8 hours and counting. It was not bad at all and the hours seem to fly by. We couldn’t be better road trip buddies in that we have not kept closely in touch over the last 6 years so the entertaining stories are a plenty.
This morning we woke up around 9AM and were at a nearby track and field to go running by 9:30AM. My uncle and cousin took us and ran for a bit. It was a shorter run than most days, but the humidity was intense. It was also misting so that combined with the thick air and 80 degrees we were all soaked by the end and drove home without putting our backs against the seats. I have no pics as it was raining.
It was really nice to be in a home at this stop. We have been staying with friends the entire trip down, but it felt good to stay family and be inside a house. It didn’t hurt that we got to do laundry and eat way more free food and home cooked meals. The laundry was possibly the most enjoyable as we’ve just been plastic bagging and suffocating our workout clothes for the past week.
My uncle is a health nut and bought me my own box of almond milk. I used some in granola for breakfast post workout
goyja 001
He also made spinach smoothies. They were delicious: spinach, apple, banana, strawberry, blueberry, yogurt. I never put yogurt in it so this was a tasty treat.
goyja 003
After we all showered my two cousins, TB and I went to the Atlanta Aquarium. I’ve never seen “The Cove,” but I’ve heard enough about it for aquariums to make me sad. TB was really excited as it’s rated the best in the country or something, but it was still just an aquarium. Ack. My family said that a few whale sharks have died there while the water specialists (?) have not been able to get the ph just right which can be fatal? Family fun!!
I did take many pictures of them tho:
ATL aquarium 062 ATL aquarium 065 ATL aquarium 071 ATL aquarium 050 ATL aquarium 051 ATL aquarium 052 ATL aquarium 054 ATL aquarium 055
We headed home starving and awaiting a feast. My aunt and uncle didn’t disappoint
goyja 007 I really love that he is all about health. In the mix: local corn on the cob, local tomatoes for caprese salad, local grilled potatoes, marinated Portobello burgers, tofu dogsgoyja 009
I need to find out what brand dogs these were bc they were greatgoyja 008It was such a delicious meal. We got on our way around 6:15PM tonight figuring if we drove through the night we would bypass all the morning beach traffic. It worked out nicely. We hit zero traffic and made it in under 8 hours.
How did I not know that green tomatoes were just unripe tomatoes? They are not a different variety and if you don’t eat them they’ll just turn into a regular old tomato. I am missing huge chunks of commonly known food facts. I held this on my lap, seat, hands the entire 8 hours. Now it’s sitting next to me on the coffee table next to the couch I’ll be crashing on. We’ve really bonded.goyja 015 We also had sweet tea! Cuz we’ze in Geoy-ja (Georgia). We still need to stop and buy pecans and boiled peanuts to get the full experience, but that will have to happen on the way back. We were both glad we stayed as long as we did in Fayetteville. It was only 25 hours, but it’s the most time we’ve spent at any stop yet.goyja 006And to keep me honest…there was many starbursts, pringles, taffy and this little ditty consumed. An 11PM pick me up stop at Waffle House. My stomach is going to be so mad when he finds out what I did..goyja 016
Now it’s almost 3AM and we’re in Florida for TWO DAYS! Practically living here. Tomorrow I heard rumors of gators, speedboats and guns and I am excited. I have an 11pg final due Wednesday. Gulp.

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