Monday, August 8, 2011

Day Eight: Gators and Guns

Except guns was closed. We did see and ::cringe:: eat gator today tho. I did it. It tasted like chicken. I'm an opportunist and not a vegetarian I suppose. Go figure. It worked out for the best that guns were closed because I was then able to spend some hours working on my final. This doesn't, however, mean that we had any lack of gun pictures. This may have been my most favorite day yet. Even though it was hot as heck and just standing outside made me feel like I just stepped out of a pool.
Melbourne 040
We woke up and got many safety lessons on how to hold, load, hand and shoot some guns while their pup observed.
Melbourne 018
After our lesson our host made us egg in pepper. Never had this!!! Such a great idea. I definitely plan to make this again. A little hot sauce and it was delish.
Melbourne 001

We then went to the air boat, enjoyed an MGD and took off to see some gators. We really didn't see many, but being on the boat was cool in itself. Melbourne 041 Melbourne 044 Melbourne 045 Melbourne 046 Melbourne 047 Melbourne 065 Melbourne 068
After the tour we headed into the restaurant and escaped the pouring rain by 15 seconds. I ordered a side of hush puppies, but our host offered me a piece of gator. I've always said if I knew where my meat came from and how it was raised I would consider eating it again. Gator doesn't get much local and fresher than this. It was actually really tasty, but nothing I would ever eat more of or ever again.
Melbourne 074 Melbourne 075

After the tour we realized the gun range was closed on Mondays so we went and stocked up on bullets for tomorrow and then headed home. I was able to work on my homework while the boys tried to get the dog out of the tree. She is amazing.
Melbourne 034
We had a homemade dinner of peas, broccoli and mashed potatoes (plus chicken for them). And then off to World of Beers, a local bar that had a ton of beer on tap and where we happened upon mustache Monday. Yes. We all got several free stick on mustaches. Also it was half priced pints.
Melbourne 077 Melbourne 102
Oh, my. Then we went to Steak and Shake (damnit) as I've never been. I was super excited (although now completely regret it…almost…the shake was worth it). The peanut butter cup shake was GOOD. As were my fries and grilled cheese. I have no idea what everyone else ordered at this point. Then we came home and played Wii. What a fun throw back night. Now we're staying in the same place for night number two. I get to sleep in the "man cave." TB has the spare bedroom. It's been such a nice visit already and we have a whole other day!
At some point before our food arrived I stepped outside to take a phone call. Friends did not see that I was outside in sight of our table. I saw the waitress drop off the food and then our host reached over and take a sip of my milkshake thinking he could get away with a sneak taste. I bum rushed the window with hands a flailing and stink face a blazing and scared the crap out of him. That’ll teach ‘em to think milkshakes are for sharing.
Melbourne 117 Melbourne 119

My TB and I have definitely done some good ol' fashion bickering with each other, but for the most part we've been getting along like gravy and I've just started to feel sad tonight that we will go back to living 8 hours away again in just three short days. For as cranky as I got it was great seeing him all the time. Tomorrow we should be shooting and going to the beach. Those are hopefully the only plans as I’m quickly running out of cash and time to work on my finals. Sleep, ahoy!

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