Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day Nine: Books and Gunz

I should be sleeping for our 7AM departure time tomorrow and 13 hour drive. I also probably shouldn’t have had three cups of fro-yo. But that’s the beauty of being an adult. You can make little kid decisions and answer to no one!
Today we went to the shooting range for a couple of hourskidz with gunz 006
Then came home and did this for a couple of hours:
I did all my discussion comments due by noon tomorrow and finished a 12 page paper. I almost kept up with everything on this trip. I surprised myself with how many hours I would do each night and how much cheating I didn’t do by having TB do some of the work for me.
kidz with gunz 008
Today was not an exciting day to have a blog, but a lazy day on vacation can be good. Plus it wasn’t even lazy it just feels like it because we didn’t drive to another state and cram it with activities. I had a piece of bread with almond butter and then a piece of bread with my tomato on it for brunch and then we went to a Thai Sushi place for dinner. I got an unimpressive cucumber roll and vegetable roll. I’ve had better at Whole Foods.
kidz with gunz 009
They did mess up my friends order and bring him free Thai donuts with icing and chopped peanuts on the house. Those were delicious. An in continuing with out vacation tummy’s we went next door to RedBerry and self served us from fro-yo. I have never gone to one of these places and not had the most expensive cup. They make the cups huge so you’re more inclined to fill it up and pay the more and I do just that knowing full well it’s a mind game. But it’s so good and will power is so hard.
I got salted caramel, red velvet cupcake, chocolate hazlenut and strawberry cheesecake flavors. Toppings were everything from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to crushed graham crackers. Vacation bellllyyyyyyyy. kidz with gunz 010
Like I said tomorrow we depart at 7AM to drive 13 hours from Florida to Virginia. We did the trip down here in 6 days and are doing the trip back in TWO. Intense. But I want to get home by the 11th as I have many more finals due and then a week off from classes at the end of August. Sweet, sweet break from school.
Hopefully my posts from NY will be back to being green and vegetabley instead of thick and chocolaty. Fingers crossed.

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