Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day Ten: Driving Day

We drove from Melbourne, FL to Charlottesville, VA today. 13 hours total, 12 hours of driving.
driving day 001
As we spent the entire day in the car there was not much camera action. Lots of car dancing and story action.driving day 005 I thought 200 miles on one road was daunting and then today’s route displayed a whopping 545 miles!
driving day 009
We wound up going a different way and veered off the path to stop at Chik-Fil-A as TB had never had it so that mixed up the trip a bit. I got fries, side salad and cookies and cream milkshake. Another deposit to the vacation belly! I started out strong with almond butter on a slice of bread for breakfast and later tomato slices on a slice of bread and then this wound up being a late lunch so dinner was just a few pringles. We tossed what was left of my hummus yesterday and the rest of the babaganoush so our healthy supplies are behind us.driving day 010 We did stop in SC at a great little market place with insanely cheap produce. Talking two dollars for a huge bundle of collard greens, a dollar for a bell pepper, but it’s our last day tomorrow so we had no use for it. driving day 011
driving day 012
driving day 013
We stopped because they had boiled peanuts. I saw signs for them all over SC and Georgia and wanted to check out what the heck a boiled peanut tasted like. They scooped them out of boiling water and into a plastic bagdriving day 015
They take on a completely different taste and texture when boiled. They were like salty aldente beans which I did not care for at all. And I just realized I left the bag sitting in the car…that’s going to be a nice aroma to sit in for our last leg home tomorrow. I ate quite a few since I bought a whole pound, but at least now I know I do not like boiled peanuts.
driving day 016We were both thrown off by the color. The past few days we have reached the point of finishing each others sentences and thoughts. It’s getting creepy.
Tomorrow we run (we skipped the last THREE days) and then head on our way back to NY. We passed through 4 states today like it was nothing; FL, GA, SC, NC to VA. I’m not dreading this 8 hour drive tomorrow at all.
Oh tonight we’re staying in Charlottesville, VA with TB’s cousin. I am set up in their plush guest room with a comfy little bed. I was in the “man cave” of our friends house while in FL and it had a really comfy couch, but it is luxurious to have a nice big bed to myself.
I also handed in my 12 page final! I think it was actually pretty decent. If I can pull off good grades while on this trip it will be the icing on the cake. Time. to. sleep.

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