Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 11: The end: VA to NY

It’s over :( The great East Coast Trip is complete. I was scared how long this trip was going to take, how much money it was going to cost and how bratty I was going to become, but I would do it all over again in a second. I would only pack wayyyy less. I wore the same shorts and t shirts everyday. I don’t know where the heck I thought I was ever going to wear a skirt.
VA to NY 025
I am proud of the fact that I ran 8 out of the 11 days we were vacationing. It didn’t do anything for me as I was eating everything in sight, but it at least kept me on track. Today’s run was the hardest yet. It was hilly and HOT in Charlottesville, VA.
VA to NY 004
I got lost and stumbled upon a historic court square:
(Source: this pic is way better than mine. It is hard to run and take pictures.
VA to NY 011
We both got REALLY lost. My run turned into 1.5 hour run and eventually took up TBs offer to come and pick me up because the hills and heat were too much and we needed to get on the road back to NY.
VA to NY 012
It was the worst run of the trip. My back was so achy and tight and I felt like I was going to puke. I used TBs foam roller for my back and quads. It felt awesome, but I can't commit to buying a $30 piece of foam just yet.
I can’t remember what our hosts dogs name was, but he was HUGE and super cuddly and would groan when you pet him or scratched his ears.
VA to NY 018
We accidentally ate one of his cookies. TB popped the right in his mouth to learn that they were actually dog cookies. I then nibbled on one to make sure. Definitely were not for humans, but they were consumed so I’m posting them.
VA to NY 019
When we finally got on the road it was 11AM (after saying the night before I wanted to leave NO later than 10AM, oops)
VA to NY 021
We opted for the scenic route through VA
VA to NY 022
Twas very scenic
VA to NY 023
Ghost fences
VA to NY 024
VA is a really pretty state
VA to NY 027
We zoomed right through VA and MD and stopped in PA for lunch around 3. We wanted somewhere we could consume a lot of vegetables and saw a Subway for $5 footlong veg subs.
VA to NY 028
We hit a ton of traffic in NYC and got back to my house around 9PM. 10 hours of driving, but again, it flew by. And thus ends the traveling adventures for the next…day. I’m going to NYC Saturday and tomorrow I am back to my routine of running, swimming, sunning/reading and then a final. I’m very much looking forward to my week off between the Summer and Fall semester. I will hopefully be heading up to Boston for at least a couple of days and NOT bringing my textbooks with me.
TB was supposed to continue on to Brooklyn and then NYC for the night, but decided to crash and head out tomorrow to eventually end up back way upstate. We had a nice relaxing night eating free food provided by the roommates, rehashing the trip memories and showing each other pictures of the people we had been telling stories about all trip. Sigh. TB withdrawal starts tomorrow!

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