Sunday, September 25, 2011

This is the internet and I'm going to fill it up with things

I'm not entirely sure how a tumblr account works as opposed to a blog. Is tumblr just cooler? I think it's supposed to make you cooler. Either way, I'm going to put words and pictures and stuff here during my travels, however long they turn out to be.

There is no significant reason behind this trip besides having the opportunity to take it. Beyond having something to remember it all by, this will simultaneously serve the purpose of letting friends know how much I haven't been kidnapped yet. So far, so good, guys!

It hasn't hit me that I leave tomorrow. Most obviously by the empty suitcases sitting on my bed and my lack of urgency to fill them with anything besides rain boots and textbooks.

Schedule is as follows and subject to change due to inclement weather, funds, laziness or exhaustion:

(Tipperary, Munich, Nice, London)

Slan agat, chumps!

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