Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where to begin - A real post

At my first cup of tea? There will be hundreds.

My last visit here was in 2005. Days leading up to this trip had been so busy I didn't have time to process anything, but even still I think my temperament would be the same. I was happy to come, but never really excited, it feels more natural than it does an adventure or vacation. Little did I know that my summer of being a vagabond would was preparing me to be immune to being away from home. I instantly felt a quiet happiness when I landed. Here. My plane buddy had a hand in that. More to come on him later. We got in early, around 5:30AM GMT(10:30PMEST). My luggage was the last off the plane and my aunt collected me around 6AMGMT (11PM EST) from Shannon for the hour commute home. There are a ton of roundabouts here. Driving is going to be interesting.

We had tea, toast, homemade blackberry and plum jam and then I was set to have a nap before our errands.

I love grocery stores like real girls love shoe shopping. I will be the weirdo taking pictures in one soon enough. There is a real pride in grocery stores for local food here, leaps beyond the signs you see in Whole Foods back home. I told my professors I'm coming to Eire to experience the food culture. I sort of am, but I also thought it would buy me some sympathy if I ever have late assignments due to the time difference. Hoping to cash in on that already as I'm choosing to write this instead of a paper on fat malabsorption.

After four hours of sleep I jumped awake and downstairs to have lunch before errands. Apple, turnip, curry soup with homemade stock

Aunt and I first drove around town trying to find a copier so I can get onto her car insurance. Both photo copiers in town were broken (if you read that too fast go back and read it again. There are only two shops in town that have copiers). We got myself a pay as you go phone (353 89 419 8178), some groceries, signed up for a gym class tomorrow, I gasped at the very many cows we passed. It's my fourth time to Ireland, but I'll never get sick of it. Life is good good good.

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