Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day Two: Fine Fettle

Tumblr is excruciatingly slow at uploading photos. I may have to switch to a blog.

I'm excited to get into a boring daily routine. I came here to be able to focus more on school: drink less, study more. So far, so good. Coming to Ireland to drink less may be counterintuitive, but I've had a busy, expensive few weeks spending most weekends in the city or week days out of town, pretending like I have an unlimited savings account and am immune to hangovers so this will definitely be a slow down. Not to say that the NYC weekends weren't completely worth it, if not for the stories and magic school bus rides alone (Maggpie xoxo).

I may somehow already be adjusted to the time. Because of my short nap yesterday I went to bed (also with the help of some melatonin) at 1AM(GMT) and woke up around 9AM(GMT) for a normal night of sleep and in time for our gym class. The gym is close and I have acres of fields to walk when I don't want to spend any money. This will all help to stave off the calories.

Breakfasts like this maybe not: French toast with black grapes and tea

Speaking of food I arrived to a basket of goodies from my cousins. Black grapes, quinoa, bananas, mango, avocados, apples, orange, Dairy Milk chocolate, Nutella

Why is this posting as vertical?!

My aunt pulled out a blender for me as well. I'm steaming spinach for a smoothie as we speak.

After the gym my Aunt had business around town so I went for a walk and found a natural food shop with some tasty hippy shit:

Then to familiarize myself with the roads as I'll soon be driving. Not only is driving on the left, but the stick is on the left.

I wrote a paper for a few hours. The time difference is working in my favor. I'm five hours ahead of my slacker classmates. And then went for a walk:

Tonight more school work. It's going to be a solid 8 hours of work tomorrow in order to be in fine fettle before Friday. I'm closer to booking a place in Munich. I found a floor spot available in a group tent for 14Euro. They had beds available for 22Euro, but what am I the queen of England?

I'm awaiting confirmation. If I don't get it we could be back to square one where I bring a sleeping bag and mace to sleep under the stars--and by "sleeping bag" I mean "nothing" and by "mace" I probably mean "giant pretzel."

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