Thursday, September 29, 2011


This thought actually crossed my mind today: “What kind of crime would I have to commit to just be HELD in jail for the night but not bailed out?” But then the email came in that I have secured a space at the grounds for sleeping both nights and I will even have a bed. Living large!

All set now. I leave in about 7 hours. Boarding pass is printed. Bus tickets sort of purchased. Alarm is set. Camo hat's packed.

I'm packing light. During the day it will be 70's, but I'm still layering up so it can at least feel like I've changed clothes. Most of this below will be on my person. The rest: leggings for PJs, face wash, deodorant, floss, toothbrush, sunglasses, camo hat, notebook, pen, charcoal (not featured), cash money. I think I'm good?

It's killing me that I can't bring a textbook. How does one just relax? Maybe I'll learn about that phenomena on this trip.

I'm driving down the road to the bus stop for an 8:15AM pick up and taking it to Dublin airport, about an hour away. My flight is at 1:00 and I arrive in Germany around 13:20. The plane fare was cheap because the airport is an hour away from the main city. I'll get a bus at 13:50 and arrive at Oktoberfest around 15:00. I have to figure out how I get to my sleeping arrangements after that, it's either bus or metro, but I'm not sure where they pick up. Tomorrow will be the adventure. After that it should be smooth sailing.

I have homework to submit on Saturday so I'll make sure to drop in for a live (or alive-harhar!) update when I find an internet cafe to do so. Until then!

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