Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day to Day

I’m sitting in the nice room. Don’t tell my Aunt!! We’re not allowed to use it, but it’s the only room where I get a very slow signal on my laptop. The internet and phone are still down, but I have a toggle thing from my cousin I get some juice from.

I like it in here. There are two couches and two chairs in here of my nana’s that were shipped over here from NY when she passed, an oil painting of her house on the wall above the couch. The fire is going on behind me.

Keeping some dough warm on its second rise, which sorta looks like a mini crime scene...

Homework at the window

Smoothie at my side

I fell into life here easily. My aunt is in France for the month so it is my two cousins and their boyfriends in the house most of the time. We mostly all do our own thing during the day and at night reconvene in the back room. Cousin comes home from work and makes dinner for the five of us a few times a week. The other day I broke out of the study room and found her in the kitchen frying up fresh fish and chips:

I made butternut squash bread with the flour I used for the pizza crust:

I love this stuff it's super coarse. This is what white flour looks like before we strip it of anything useful:

We had it with homemade tomato and roasted red pepper soup for lunch

Stuffed portobello mushrooms with quiche made from scratch with local eggs for dinner. Yesyesyes.

The accommodations in this place are fucking five star. Everything is made from scratch, but beyond the food, it’s cold here. The house can get especially freezing when we turn the heat off at night. Each night I go into my room and throw the covers back to find a hot water bottle inside.

I spoon this thing like it has a heartbeat.

My cousins put it in there each night unbeknownst to me. On a cold night when you’re about to crawl into even colder sheets this steaming hot pillowy thing there to cuddle up to it is the bees f’ing knees. And it’s all the more enjoyable when someone is doing it for you in secret each night. It’s easy not to miss the states with hospitality like this.

Tomorrow I head to town for a 5AM bus to Dublin and flight to Nice. This trip is far less adventurous than the last as I have a place to stay a personal tour guide, but I am looking forward to it just the same. Croissants ahoy.

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