Saturday, October 8, 2011


(The internet and phone are down at the house. We're unsure when they'll be back. We've heard Monday or Wednesday. I am sitting in a McDonald's down the road choosing to update this instead of homework so the four people who read this better damn well appreciate it! :) I only have 30 minutes and had to buy a coffee to get it. So I'm WIRED and racing against the clock: THIS IS INTENSE! Excuse all spelling errors, erratic speech and profanity. 19 minutes left!!!)

Yesterday we went to Clonmel(sp?), a seriously adorable town with a bunch of little shops.

My one cousin went to work and my other and I had breakfast at Hickey’s; eggs and brown bread.

Oh, this is on their egg cartons here. I wonder if any egg producers outside of farms and little markets provide this kind of information in the states.

We tried to steal some bread:

Eenjoyed the sunshine and random castles

Stopped into an "everything must go" store and I found this gem. Can someone please tell what the hell this means? It cracks me up, but I don’t know what the hell is going on. Kyle? I’m looking at you for this one.

Other cousin took a half day and met us mid-afternoon to take us to Dongarven(sp?).

Strolled on the beaches

Church erected 1290 <-- not a typo

It’s getting COLD here. Despite the sunny pictures, the wind is brutal. We stopped at Tia Maria, a toasty, tasty little cafe for some lunch:

Hot chocolate:

and dessert:

It was ok…

And then on the way home stopped at St. Patrick’s Well

The internet and phone being out feels like my arms have been cut off especially when compounded with my texting withdrawal due to no service and limited phone plan. There is also the four courses I'm taking online that this throws a bit of a hitch into. I'm feeling a bit sick over it. That and the fact that I'm downing french fries and coffee for internet access. I would sure like to be on the town with my cousins instead of in this hole writing meal plans for diabetics. Kinda funny that I'm writing up healthy meal plans in a McDonald's. I'm floored you have to pay for internet everywhere here. Apparently the library even has a three euro fucking charge! It's cool because Euros feel like play money to me and have been pouring out of my pocket anyway. Make it rain! French fries!

Ok, onto homework in the remaining minutes I have left on my credit. I'm racing the clock, the assignments deadline and my laptops dwindling battery. This is like the amazing fucking race! The academic version...far less dangerous and far more nerdy, but fuck!

(individual email responses/love to you all sooooon)

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