Thursday, October 20, 2011

France, Day Two

Back to day two where I had the morning to myself, after homework and the market I went towards the beach

and hiked up to see a view of the city.

It was a great place to stop and eat a mini chocolate apple tart thing. Oui.

There was a park atop this staircase and on the other side of it was a big marina

then a waterfall complete with rainbow. It was hooooot this day, especially for a two hour hike.

Standing in front of this feeling the mist was so nice.

It was getting to the time where we were meeting for the beach so I headed home, but before I got there there was this! This is where the first time on my trip I felt my nerves. A gentleman named Philipe who I'm pretty sure was trying to rob me was following me in and out of stores and insisting we go to the beach and for drinks in the old city and try to do the double kiss hello thing, but I assumed this was when he would go into your pockets and take your cash money so I would squirm and grab onto everything I owned saying "no merci! no merci please! thank you!"

I kept walking and dodging into shops to lose him and thought I had a few times, but then he'd slink up next to me out of no where. I would pick up everything on the shelf. Stare at it, study it, pretend it was the most interesting wire basket I'd ever fucking seen, but he was a patient fella and wouldn't leave.

He had to have been a professional tourist spotter as there was no other reason to approach me. I did not look like a fancy tourist with money and I didn't have big bags on me. You can spot people who are done up to the nines just to walk around town but I was in my usual charm of unshowered, no make up, no jewelery, shorts, and tshirt. I only had maybe ten euro on me so for cash money he would have been out of luck, but I did have two cameras and a laptop on me sooo touche, Philipe! He had cornered me in one part of the store that was a dead end aisle and I felt the nerves kick in, but I escaped and eventually he took off.

I entertained taking a picture of him for a split second, but I figured that could open up a world I didn't want him to misinterpret. So I'm still going strong on the no kidnapping thing! Huzzah!

On my way home I ran into my aunt and we headed to the beach for a snooze. This was the nicest, most relaxing part of my trip so far.

We both fell in and out of naps in the warm sun next to the clear blue ocean and 80 year old boobies sun bathing around us. Ahhhh vacation.

We stopped for a pint on the way home at an Irish pub.

We did NOT go to old city for dinner that night, but a place along the main strip for more pizza.

This place was so-so, but they had a spicy pepper infused olive oil to drizzle on top that was amazing. In NY we blot oil off our pizza, in Nice they put more on. And holy is everyone skinnier.

And then some gelato (this is making me realize just how much I ate on this trip, yeesh) near the plase de something.

Night was spent doing homework. My aunt had class work as well which worked out perfectly. The next day I went back to the mall for hw and then back to the beach.

These dummies were feeding the seagulls causing them to flutter around frantically

I brought a mini coffee cream filled croissant from the market I passed on the way for breakfast

I walked through the little streets and shops again, but only had until 1PM as we needed to catch a train to Italy.

I stopped in for a quick lunch on the terrace

The baguettes were sooooo good. As were the strawberries. I'm gonna say it. They were sweeter than the ones at the market in Cali this past May. No foolin.

I'll stop here and pretend I'm leaving to catch the train for the next post because this is taking forever.

Treeeeee exciting

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