Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nice was Nice

(Internet is back! I immediately stopped doing homework, fired off emails and then came here. Priorities.) Saving from one absurdly long post I'm going to break the trip up.

The flight over to Nice was miserable. I like kids, but I sat next to gremlins posing as children who screamed the entire (not exaggerating) way over. On my two hours of sleep from the night before I was so delirious I could only laugh through the whole thing. I did get some audio of the screaming just to prove it. And to show to the authorities when they inevitably grow up and become menaces to society (hmmmm seems like someone is still a little cranky about itttt)

I got on a bus from the airport to my Aunt's hood in Nice. Immediately off the bus we started to sprint. She is a fast walker and a busy bee. Most of the time she was ahead of me; head down, arm swinging. I would be scrambling behind her like a seven year old almost galloping, dragging my suitcase over the sidewalks instead of rolling it neatly in order to keep up with her.

We dropped my stuff at the apartment, which I kept forgetting to take pictures of, but it was really nice. We had lunch on the balcony. Shrimp freak me out (and fishing them devastates the seahorse population! so quit eatin' em, people! and yea, I paid attention at the aquarium!) but little baby mini shrimp freak me out even the fuck more. I can't even look at this picture. YOU LOOK AT IT!

We went promptly to the beach to soak in some sun.

It was high 70's, beach weather. Ten points for spotting the boobies! I don't think there are any, but it was a top optional beach that everyone over the age of 80 took full advantage of.

We then strolled around the square and eventually the old city. Belle is two seconds away from busting through these shades and singing the opening to Beauty and the Beast.

We got gelato from the best place she has found yet. The cones were so light and crispy.

Walked many hours perusing shops and small streets and finally settled on pizza for dinner staying a good two hours talking about our family's emigration from Ireland to NY and spent the night doing our homework in the apartment and then passed out.

The next day I went out to find internet access and my aunt went to class. I found free wifi at a nearby mall so that is where I had my first croissant. Sinful, but still delicious. I did a few hours of work and then headed into town to see the market!

Spices galore

Soap galore

Puppies galore

Candied fruit


Aubergines (eggplant) were in so many dishes at the restaurants. For all the veggies sold here there was almost nothing on the menu whenever we ate out. And for all the skinny people in France, what the hell is their secret? Vitamin fortified cigarettes?? ...patent pending...

Very expensive mushrooms and truffles (that says 59 Euro over there!!)

And salivating and sampling every free tasting of sun-dried tomatoes I could find

I got a pissadiere for lunch. I saw everyone eating them outside the restaurants I passed so figured it was a traditional snack. It was carmelized onion tart basically, and tasty.

After the market I walked down to the beach to check out the cliff. I wound up walking up this thing, On the top left is the waterfall and on the right is the panoramic view which I will post after I force myself to do a few hours of work so holdyourhorses!

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