Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another weekend, another cup

They swear this doesn’t happen year round. As this is the fifth or sixth cup I’ve seen at a pub in my brief two months here I’m just not believing it. First bear, tho!

TmoreRagDrum 095

Third bonfire

TmoreRagDrum 076

Umpteenth camogie match

TmoreRagDrum 033

Swung by Cashel to see the castle

TmoreRagDrum 048

Stopped in the horse and jockey for rugby and a pint by the fire

TmoreRagDrum 058

The pub had a pic of cousins own Munster championship

TmoreRagDrum 056

The celebration lasted til 7AM and ended with crawling in the window of my cousins very understanding beau. Then started again just a few hours later. I may die here. We closed down the pub and then a house party dancing the feet ourselves. I tried to sit for a second, but then a Riverdance song came on and sitting was not tolerated.

We took a short break for Sunday dinner. My vegetarian membership badge has been lit on fire and stomped on at this point

TmoreRagDrum 027

And my nerd glasses are gone forever, but we made do Friday night with these beauties. Turns out the band that was playing here were responsible for losing said glasses. They made up for it dedicating a Weezer song to “the American.” It is a smalllllllll world here.

TmoreRagDrum 011

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