Monday, November 14, 2011

the big smoke

I took a break from playing photo cop this weekend, but now I realize any posts about what went on are not going to be a bit entertaining. Bummah.

Friday my cousin picked me up after work and we headed into Dublin to watch Ireland bet Estonia. My first time this trip heading to the big smoke. I have no idea why they call Dublin the big smoke, or many of the things they say really. As much as I’ve picked up in “Irishisms” I still don't understand 20% of any conversation I have day to day. As D would say, "every day's a school day!" Ireland won 4-0. Everyone was in good spirits and chanting and singing commenced with every goal. I spent most of the match talking to guys I met who are from Ireland, but happen to now live in Montauk and Astoria because it is a small random world. I'd been reading about high intensity training in Exercise Physiology so when one of the guys told me he just ran a marathon I couldn't hold back telling him that for the next 1-2 weeks after that kind of exercise stress he was now at a greater risk of getting an upper respiratory infection and how interesting is that?! Everyday IS a school day! A nerdy, nerdy school day.

We then tried to go to a club that the Astoria guy described as Ireland’s Joshua Tree. Sold. It's so bad and sloppy that it's silly and endearing. I wanted to go so badly in honor of the JT nights with Magpie, but due to some history with the boys we weren’t allowed in. We moseyed down to the Howling Dog or something and then ended up at a late night diner with a nasty waitress who insisted that an omelet would take longer to cook than a cheeseburger. What the hell kind of eggs do they use in Ireland?! So I ordered beans even though I have had a bad hankering for a cheese burger ever since we went to Amsterdam. I'm not sure how to go about indulging in my first cheese burger, but it's gonna happen. There was a lot of walking and cabs and Guinness. One spiked water and one West Coast something or other with soco. I got a huge bed to myself in the very clean house for five dudes and slept like a rock after a night on the move.

Saturday morning we headed back to RosVegas. I got a few hours of homework and RosVegas cousin time in before I headed out to go to L'more with D where a going away party and engagement party were going on. Another lock in night where myself and two other guys got behind the bar to serve. With tea towels thrown over our shoulders we had the look down, but I'm not so sure about the service. We took a lot of breaks and were eventually fired or at least I assumed we were as we took point to leave when the proprietor started tossing pints at our feet and maybe because the sun was up. We cabbed it home and happened to pull up as his neighbor was walking to work. Top of the mornin! (no one says that, but I'm allowed to be obnoxious because when people find out I'm American the first thing they say to me is "OH MY GAWWWWWD" with their best American accent. To be fair, we do say that)

A nice three or four hours of sleep and then up for the final camogie match Sunday afternoon.

ragg 003

This match got rained out the first time, then they tied so this was the third go. Third time's a charm! My cousins won their county final and, as per usual, got a cup.

ragg 010

I have not been to a single hurling or camogie match where someone doesn't get a cup. I'm told it's because of the season that these are all big games, but I think they just really like drinking out of big cups. As everyone should.

ragg 053

There was a huge celebration as they pulled off the long awaited win, but first we stopped at the locker rooms and had the best curry I've ever had and then onto the pub for celebrations. Lots of songs and celebration, cup drinking and then a ginormous bonfire. This doesn’t capture it well. We were standing on the wall in front. I thought my shirt was going to melt onto me. Or we were going to fall off and break necks. Booze and balance and fire is a cheeky combination. Camogie girls are crazy fun tho.

ragg 023

Twas a delightful very bender weekend. Don’t make me leave.

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