Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jamesy Apple Tree

We have about four or five James in the family. Yesterday we went to get apple trees to plant on the hill and happened to get a variety named James. A Worcester Pearman and a James Grieve

Or, James and Pearl:

apple trees 002apple trees 003

We threw some homemade compost in from that green bin back there and hope to see some apples next September

apple trees 004

They have a nice view:

apple trees 005

Next to the hen pen that sadly never got used. My Aunt was going to get two hens for eggs, but she travels so much it might not happen. I was crushed to hear I wasn’t going to be hanging out with chickens again.

apple trees 006

Even tho collecting eggs from the chickens on the farm this summer was a mind fuck. I did not like it. I think I would have a different experience with two hens at a home.


Farm Day Three 026

I’ve yet to do anything substantial on a farm here yet, but there should be farming aplenty next week!

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