Monday, November 7, 2011

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend

Just kidding. I’m unemployed. Everyday is the weekend. But cheers to the weekend because then the responsible folk hang out with me. Friday night we went out in T’more. Ended the night directing traffic.

temple 010

A. has most the pictures on her camera of which I think I’m thankful for that I haven’t seen.

Saturday was my cousins camogie match

baby calves and birr 001

And while I missed the calving Friday night I still got to sneak a peak of the babies. The wine colored one on the right was less than 24 hours old. Left I think D said was a week or two. Mama in the middle, looking unimpressed at the gawking Yankee.

baby calves and birr 006

We were real close, but far enough away as apparently the moms may charge when you’re around the young. We tromped though the muck to another fieldbaby calves and birr 014

for calves a little older. And some creepy cow stares. The bull is in there somewhere!

baby calves and birr 012

Stopped by the turkeys to bring them inside for the night. I chased them around a bit trying to pet them. Keep em lean!

baby calves and birr 015

Set up with another huge Irish meal. Spuds and carrots and beef and chicken stew. I gave up meat no problem in the US of A, but I only lasted a month in Ireland.

baby calves and birr 016

Their house has a cozy back room with a fire and big comfy couches that once inside is so hard to leave. I stayed as late as I could, finally prying myself away to head home to get ready for yet another going away party in a town a ways away Saturday night guided by these two lovely ladies.

baby calves and birr 022

First there was this little tiny puppy. Commence squeals. He tried to climb into my bag for me to take him home. He fit.

baby calves and birr 019

He would not sit still for a picture, the little rascal

baby calves and birr 020

Off to the crawl for a night of adventures. Unattended unmarked van? Definitely climb in there.

baby calves and birr 021 

Saturday night Dee got us garlic chips and cheese but again no picture. Someone always devours them before I’m able to. A. picked us up and when I crawled into bed there was a hot water bottle snuggled in there for me. These ladies are the bees knees.

Sunday was yet another huge meal, hurling match and then back to the laha house for hot port and hot whiskeys in the cozy fire room watching a soccer match. I could not have been more content.

My cousin taught me how to make these both. I’m learning so much! Totally dropped the ball on remembering to take a picture of such a momentous moment, so I’ll steal someone elses:


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All warmed up D and I then went to some locals as the team was out celebrating their win. We came home, had some tea and tart and then I made my way to the bed I was crashing in to find pj’s put out for me. Ah. And this morning I started my car to warm it up and when I came back outside D has defrosted all my windows for me. I am spoiled and pleasantly exhausted. Ireland is good.

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