Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shhh don’t tell Ireland!

I don’t like potatoes and I don’t know how to make them. Irish badge revoked!

thanksgiving 007

I tried to tap into my Irish roots and make them last night as I started to miss NY when I started thinking about dinner and Thanksgiving. Twas my first time feeling like a lonely Yank here. And a bit eerie going to a supermarket on Thanksgiving night that was neither packed with panicking last minute chefs or empty due to dinner being on all over the country. I knew what the answer would be, but I still asked around for pumpkin puree. No dice. I put the sweet potatoes on the back burner and went back out in the rain to pick up some red skinned spuds.

thanksgiving 006

I wanted mashed potatoes and gravy. PeasandThankyous had everything to do with this craving as I just said, I don’t like potatoes. I eat them here though and I’ve been incredibly sick of them for weeks, but last night it was more about home than it was about the spud. It was not a complete failure, but I put way too much broth into them.

And taking meat out of my diet again it called for some vegetarian gravy. I was explaining this to my little cousin over Skype and realized how unappetizing it sounded “it was vegetarian gravy…onions and garlic and soy sauce..and oatmeal” It’s good though. And another use of the oat flour I’m trying to work my way through. Win, win. Not the prettiest condiment, but this was my meager, but tasty Thanksgiving dinner:

thanksgiving 012

And as I was taking this and warming my arms on the heater in this frigid weather I looked up and saw this beaut:

thanksgiving 002

I started screaming for AC to come see. Apparently enormous rainbows painted across the sky over this farm happens a lot. NBD. Play it cool.

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