Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best sent back to NY by stamped on date

My passport was only stamped for 90 days. And therein lies my expiration date. Rats.
Technically because I traveled out of the country I could stay longer or apply for an extended stay tourist VISA, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to be back before Christmas. I can always come back. My Aunt moved over when she was 18. She was planning to travel around Europe and look for a job, but she was having so much fun with the cousins she just never left. Yes. Exactly. My cousins endearingly call their town RosVegas. I say endearing, but they won’t allow me to hang out here at night or in the pubs. Last Friday I went in to mail postcards and poke around the castle
But it is 4 Euro so I admired the outside. oooOOOooo

town 002

Then a lady passing by me told me to only put 50 cents in for my parking ticket as it was a rainy day and the attendant doesn’t like to come out in the rain so it’s likely I wouldn’t need a ticket at all. Well, ok then

town 005

After I pulverized all the oats I bought I found that all the porridge in the house is expired. D’oh. So back to Tesco (which I think might be an EU branch of Whole Foods?) we go. I love the Irish labels throughout the shelves. I want this in a t-shirt, “Buy me (a drink) I’m Irish”

town 001

Emailing Col bombs a few weeks ago I was trying to explain that feeling I had been having since I landed and every now and then driving around or doing absolutely nothing. It creeps in and fills me up and then I can’t concentrate on whatever conversation or thoughts were provoking it. I moved out of Massachusetts last December, a place I always knew I would never stay. The move was the catalyst and school the red herring.

After making enough money to pay for my Spring semester I finally quit my job in June and then made every attempt to be away from Long Island. Visiting Boston, crashing in the city, embarking on the Great East Coast Road Trip with Maximillian got me through til mid August when I booked my one way ticket here, and then to France, Germany and Holland. This’ll have to stop soon. I'll have to get a real job again. Real responsibilities. Feed my anorexic savings account. I can't wrap my head around how that transition is going to go yet. I at least still have another semester to wander and find a pull. And then give in to that pull. I felt it a little in NY before I left, things were starting to feel acceptable, but it was nothing like the visceral sense of belonging that snuck in here. The country's economy has been better. Thinking about getting a job and settling down here isn't the wisest choice, but I don't want to give up on this dovetail fit my gut has had the past two months. I especially don’t want to ignore that fit for financial reasons. I have no reason to not live for my gut while I can. I figured I could happily make my way home after the intoxication of Ireland wore off, but I'm still waiting for that to happen. It’s only been two months tho, let’s not get too darn dramatic here. Actually, it’s exactly two months today! Whoa! Ugh. Punch to the gut. That means I have less than three weeks left. Unless I get kidnapped! Why haven’t I ever thought about the positives of that circumstance. Whew, problem solved. New plan.


  1. i would miss you if you stayed in ireland. but it would give me someone to visit. hmm.

  2. I'm thinking should it really happen that I could placate a lot of people with that sentiment. And you could all visit like crazy.