Monday, November 28, 2011


After last weekend, this low-key(ish) weekend felt lovely. Dee, PK and I went to Newbridge for me to do some xmas/souvenir shopping, but first stopping at the Gourmet burger Place, where I was all set to have a bacon, avocado, cheeseburger

newbridge 003

but I chickened out and got a veggie sandwich instead

newbridge 002

We had three different servers and one half way through our order turned into a robot “do you want a starrrrrterrrrrrrr” I can’t count how many times people try to talk to me and the accent is so think I turned to my cousin like a deer in headlights looking for translation except this time they were staring back at me like deer in headlights. None of us spoke crazy. Somehow we ended up with a starter anyway. Fried mushrooms with garlic mayo and chicken crispers with cream cheese and chili relish

newbridge 001

The shopping center was in an adorable lit up town with ice skating and Christmas trees

newbridge 004

And in this alternate universe it’s called “TK Max” not “TJ Max,” but I’m on to you…

newbridge 005

Friday night we went to see ACs boyfriend’s band play in Tullamaloo (not at all the right name)

 epic 019

It happened to be “ladies night” at the pub meaning we were given pink champagne while people painted our nails and curled our hair for free. It was a bit horrific. There was a makeup station where people walked away looking like dirty clowns. We opted out of that, but pink champagne aplenty! We watched the band, forced strangers to get up and dance, took lounge breaks on their sound equipment,

epic 059

And busted moves so hard the camera can’t even capture it. She is a little bit of my hero…

epic 056

Best groupies around, I’d say.

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