Wednesday, November 30, 2011


As if I wasn't pampered enough here, a few weeks ago I walked upstairs to hear crazy wave soft jazz music and see a massage table and candle set up in my cousins room. Oh boy.

001 001

AC is trained in massage, reflexology and all things beauty. She dyed our eyelashes (no clue this was something people did) and then gave us separate treatments. This was way more relaxing than any professional massage I’ve ever had. No sitting around in robes, melting in a sauna, doused in oil, drinking water with cucumber chunks, having to make small chat with stranger chatty ladies (<--worst). This was Dee, AC and I hanging out listening to some weird sixties jazz, making dirty jokes, and it was much more relaxing.

AC is one of the best story tellers I've ever heard and one of those people who doesn't have to try that hard to be funny. She will come into the back room when I’m doing work and have something everyday dull that she turns into a hilarious story. She is also a cleaning machine. I am pretty neat, but her level of cleanliness for the house is intimidating. Not that she would find a mess that I made offensive, but in order to keep the clean I often find myself taking bites of my dinner standing at the sink in between washing the dishes I just used to cook said dinner. By the time I’m done eating all the dishes are washed, dried, put away and the kitchen looks as if no one touched it. Sneaky eats!

She is also taking Emergency Medical Technician training which is fun for us to be able to randomly talk about physiology or LDL levels and to have someone I can look up from my books to and ask what tachycardia was again. Yea, I said fun.

It's been raining for the past few days, but yesterday the sun broke out long enough for a walk to the bog.

walk 005

I had yet to be to a bog this trip.

walk 006

We came, we saw, we stole some peat. It's mostly used to burn in the fire, but I wanted some for cosmetic reasons. Our fingers were frozen from carrying it back to the car.

walk 011

I would have taken better pictures if my fingers didn’t feel like hand cubes and we weren’t high tailing it back to the getaway car. We ran because of the cold, not at all because we just lifted some nutrient rich dirt bricks.

walk 012

This weekend “the great Irish pizza hunt” will take place. I’m ecstatic, but also realistic that we may be just eating a lot of mediocre pizza all day. Tomorrow at 5AM I’m dropping my Aunt off at the airport so I have freedom of a car to take us on said pizza hunt. Crap, we actually leave in about 4 hours. I am the worst at sleeping!

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