Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Squatternut Bosh

Two points if you can name that reference.

Who knew this blog would turn so quickly into me talking about food every single day?! (I did)

At one point this morning there was soup simmering, smoothie blending and squash sautéing while I was scooping just ground oatmeal into a bag. All to avoid homework. Did I lose you, yet? Because I’m about to talk about oatmeal. And it’s not going to get any more interesting than that.butternut soup 017I went grocery shopping this morning and bought oatmeal (warned you):butternut soup 012

To come home and find that we already had a ton of oatmeal. Oops.

butternut soup 013
But I had also bought bananas to make banana bread and forgot to buy flour so I put the oats in the blender to fine em up to make (something loosely passable as) oat flour. CRISIS AVERTED

butternut soup 014

It's not the finest, but it's smaller (left) than what I was originally working with (right). This'll make do for the base of the bread...I think. TBD…

butternut soup 018Normally I make everything with olive oil, but Kerrygold butter is dangerously addicting. I simmered some with half a chopped onion in a pot

butternut soup 008

While I disrobed and sliced half a butternut squash

butternut soup 002butternut soup 004

Cubed it and threw it in with the onions and a stock block and enough water to cover everything. Let it simmer awaybutternut soup 003butternut soup 009

While I made a smoothie with two cups o’ kale I steamed this morning, banana, flaxseed and three plums:

butternut soup 015

When the squash was soft enough I took out the cubes with a slotted spoon and immersion blended. Strained. I only took out the cubes bc I wanted little bits of onion in it. I could have blended everything together in that one pot and made WAY less of a mess.

butternut soup 020butternut soup 021

Put in some s&p and herb de Provence bc it happened to be sitting out. Butternut squash is my favorite. Bread, soup, risotto, pie, cookies, stir fry. It's versatile and sweet and so easy to work with. I had some brown bread left made yesterday
butternut soup 011
Put it all together and had a lunch fit for a kindergartner learning about their shapes and colors. We eat off of and out of circles, kids. And this is 2/3’s of a traffic lights colors. Teacher certification please.

butternut soup 023
I’d only used half the squash for the soup so I sautéed the other half in olive oil for another rainy day (probably tomorrow).

butternut soup 024

The best part is that this was my trash fro the whole meal. The stock block container. I normally just use water, but figured since this soup is for everyone I should step it up a little bit with some stock.

It’s “Soup by Liz. Now, with standards!”

butternut soup 027
Well, this was my trash:

butternut soup 029

But this is the compost pot that we bring outside to the bin that my aunt then uses in her plants. I'd take a picture of that, but it's raining outside and I need to be more careful with my electronics as I’ve already dropped and busted my little camera (and then a week later dropped and FIXED! :D) that is all of five months old. This is why I don’t have nice things.

But I have nice lunches!

butternut soup 022

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