Saturday, December 3, 2011

the Milk Market

Limerick is a cool little city. We spent a couple hours there today walking around their market sampling food and xmas shopping. It’s south of where we are…how’s that for geography and every weekend there is a Christmas market to which I forgot to bring my nice camera too. Blast.

limerick 019

They had lots of potatoes!

limerick 003

Lotsa cheese…and free samples to boot.

limerick 005

Freshly mixed nuts, berries and seeds

limerick 006

About that meat thing…I am very impressionable and Dee wanted to split a hot dog and hot dogs are my weakness. Not steak, not pate, not something else fancy, hot dogs. And it was delicious.

limerick 009

The breads, cakes and quiche looked amazing. We had planned to come back and buy a bunch to bring home, but they were all packed up by 2PM

limerick 010

limerick 013

The head of that sausage I just ate

limerick 014

The wait for this freshly pulled pork was wrapped around the market

limerick 016

More taters in the outside market

limerick 018

Carrots and parsnips

limerick 012

We were going to try a sample of wheat grass, but the lady had sold out by noon. I bought some homemade olive oil and bay leaf soap for my mom as she requested I get her soaps from around the world on these trips.

And then pizza…sucky, doughy, wimpy pizza.

limerick 022

Dee’s was better as when you cover a pizza in a lot of stuff it seems to taste better, but overall pizza fail. I don’t think it’s worth the money to continue searching as this dinner cost a dear 30 Euro. Psh. That’s what you get when you try to eat home foods away from home. I’ll stick to the delicious fish and chips and sausages and breads that don’t compare at home.

limerick 023

Good shopping, good samples and what seemed like what would be good drinking. I love how many of these towns have open markets in the dead of winter. DEAD of winter. It is COLD. And speaking of that, this week I hope to convince AC to come surfing.

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