Friday, March 30, 2012

Perks Of Being a Squatter

Yea no idea how to start talking about last night. C works with and is good friends with the author and his wife so was able to ask them out to dinner and let me tag along. Dinner was incredible. We scarfed down the nachos so fast I didn’t take a picture (or I didn’t want to reveal my freak flag of photographing food so early on in dinner. Play it cool, play it cool…)

Real Food Daily is an all vegan restaurant and everything is gd delicious. The pizza was awesome and I tasted C’s sea veggies with seitan and peanut sauce and it was also delicious.

rfd 001

We had great conversation. He and his wife are amazing, lovely people. There is not enough nice things I could say about them. She made a joke about us being her daughters. I’m drawing up adoption papers as we speak. I would want to hang out with him without even knowing he was a famous author (slash screen writer slash director).

They were so WARM and hilarious and genuine and sweet. I’m gushing, but I can’t help it.

Then, be still my heart, we ordered three desserts to share and oh is that him in the background whatacoincidence!

(if you’re reading, that’s an action shot of your book signage, Ms. O)

rfd 002

We got coconut cake, banana pie and chocolate brownie with ice cream. All vegan, all intensely delicious. Even beyond the food the service at RFDs was great.

Newman from Seinfeld was sitting next to us at the restaurant and some love interest from MadMen that I didn’t know, but nuts to that because I was star stuck enough at our own table. I can’t get over how cool they were. We stayed chatting for about two and a half hours. We were catching them up on our antics of my visit and I think painted a party rock picture of our lives that I hope they know is not the norm. They were encouraging about every anecdote we shared tho. C especially as everyone is oh so proud of her accomplishment. We all gushed at the photo and quote she brought up on the iphone.

And I know they took all the partying lightly as he included this gem in the note:

drunk 001

ha, so this is not the copy I will be lending to my kids one day.

Then he gave C advice about writing and life in general. He was sincere and thoughtful and genuine with everything he shared and she was just as amazing. Not only are they amazing people individually but they are so proud and in love with each other. And I’m officially creepy. And have said “amazing” about eight times. I’m cut off.

After dinner we hugged goodbye and left to get drinks for someone’s bday at this bar called Birds, had a merry old time and made more plans that revolve around cooking and eating because why ever do anything else? I also tried to learn some Spanish for our impending adventure. We leave for Mexico in less than 24 hours. Mexico! Ole!

Speaking of Mexican, tonight a few of us went to Hugo’s, but not the taco stand, the restaurant. Their hands are in it bc I am a poor friend who has few, if any, pictures of friends on my camera and endless pictures of food. This here they are pawing is vegan mac and cheese

hugos 001

Close up. It was eh.

hugos 003

Grande lentil and leafy green burrito. Green sauce on top was excellent, the inside was eh. Salad good.

hugos 004

Col’s quinoa, veggie burg, yam dishhugos 005

Avocado wrap with bean cakeshugos 006

Chilletas? I don’t know how I can’t remember what they’re called as she said it about ninety times. And cooked beats

hugos 007

Someone was looking through their bag for a mega millions ticket. It was messy and embarrassing and they should be ashamed of themselves

hugos 009

Oh! And cross this off the list! I went to school with Mer today to talk to the gym classes about nutrition and when we got home my friend picked me up for a sweet ride on his motorcycle. It was awesome. We rode around for about an hour and a half. My legs are still sore. That shit is tiring! He took us up to Mulholland road which had amazing views even with the smog.

If my shitty camera phone wasn’t useless this may be impressive, but it was far from the best views


And then to see a close up of the Hollywood sign that was way more impressive in person. It was terrifying at first as you have to lean into the turns with the bike and there are no seat belts or anything in between you and the road slashing off your skin, but after the first few turns it was a lot of fun. I was also decked out in a helmet and his serious riding jacket. The views of Hollywood as far up as we were with the sun setting and winding roads could not be beat on a motorcycle. Good Friday.


And now to finish a case study, finish the fro-yo we just picked up (Menchies blows Tutti Frutti out of the water), and pack. We’re off to Mehico at 7am tomorrow. I’ll try to update as we can find internet and I have time outside of school work. And assuming we don’t get kidnapped.

Until then, ole! Cervesa! Feliz Friday!

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  1. literally got teary when i saw that pic, liz. how the f did i get so lucky with my friends?