Tuesday, March 6, 2012

West Coastal

And we're back. I skipped an entire trip to Ireland update. There was a lot of fun times with cousins, a lot more Guinness and a couple of cows. Oh and a baby sheep!!! Possibly the highlight of the trip right there. I couldn't stop smiling. Some of them were even wearing raincoats...I am not a super girly girl, but put a baby anything in a baby raincoat and I am grinning like a fool.

I love this sweeties pink nose. Pretty sure I named her Polly. Not at all sure if she was even a female.

veg fest 045

Scenes from a big ol 18-wheeler, or lorry? I don’t now how to spell what they call it

veg fest 001

I kept to no meat this time...as far as I remember. Watched my cousins win another camogie match, but this time, get this, NO GIANT CUP TO DRINK FROM. I did not read the fine print clearly enough before I booked my tickets ;) I love love loved seeing this family again though. Hopefully Irelands need for nutritionists grows exponentially in the next few months.

That’s it for now. I may edit this later with a full on recap if I can muster the energy/desire to recount the trip. Ten days felt like a blip compared to my months stay last year. I’m still dying to go back. As much as I should broaden my traveling horizon I just don’t seem to get sick of California and Ireland. I seem to bounce back to Cali once a year, or have at least every year now for the past three. Sun and fun here we come.

This is how much fun Erin had on our trip to CA last year :)

(Hope it’s totally cool I’m putting this on the internet lady!)

california 2011 173

I did not take many pictures in Ireland this time as I lost my small digital camera the last night I was there in December. As I am still living on zero income I don’t think I can justify buying a second camera after being irresponsible enough to lose the first one.

Since I only had my sort of large camera with me I rarely wanted to lug it around, especially on a farm where I was likely to be covered in manure or mud and have a penchant for dropping things. The couple times I brought it out I went camera crazy on these calves.

You had to let them suck on your finger to get them started on a bottle. It’s wet and warm and weird. And they’re strong!

veg fest 021

And when the milk wasn’t coming fast enough or they didn’t want to wait their turn they’d head butt you.

veg fest 029

They’re lucky they’re adorable.

veg fest 048

It was sunny maybe two of the ten days I was there

veg fest 056

veg fest 057

Mostly cloudy

veg fest 061

The aforementioned baby rain jackets…

veg fest 062

The best, most cuddly four minutes of my trip.

veg fest 065

They told me to kiss it so I did

veg fest 066

Then they told me to put it down, but to try to hold it steady, so I did. I didn’t understand why, but I did it, still not hearing an explanation. I didn’t get it until I saw the pictures on my camera when I got home. I am way too gullible for Ireland.

veg fest 068

I’m skipping posts about a trip to Boston and some NYCs because that’s not necessarily traveling, but next up; Magpie and I hit Los Angeles on mopeds and dance with Richard Simmons. Life’s takin’ us!


  1. i laughed out loud when i saw the "hold steady" picture. will that trick work a 2nd time, jl? (my fingers are crossed...)