Friday, April 13, 2012

Gracias, Mexico

We woke up April 11th 4:45AM to gather our things, pack up the car and head for the border

baja 028

Can you see us giving the sunrise (after three hours of sleep) the finger? no?baja 029

BJ got his windows washed while we waited in line to get back to the US, it took an hour and a half of waiting

baja 030

I bought pineapple empanadas from a vendor weaving through the line. 5 for $3.

baja 031

baja 033

Hola USA!

baja 032

I drove us back from the airport to LA so have no pictures of the uneventful drive of eating whatever we had left in our bag of tricks. “Does this hummus taste ok?” “No, but…we’ll be fine” “Does this hard boiled egg taste ok? “It doesn’t taste too bad….” Two minutes later: “oh yeah, that was bad. bad idea. nope.” (wasn’t as bad as the edamame we tried and then ejected out of the window). We ate all the sparse carrots and snow peas that we could find and then I finally caved and bought us bananas at a gas station.

We left Mexico around 5AM and got back to Cols around 2PM. Tired, hungry for tacos and Menchies. We’re coming out of the sleepiness finally, but now suffering from some vacation blues in rainy days LA. Vacation crashes always last a day or two bc we’re still wound up on the people we met that we will not see for at least a while, but there is so much fun ahead. Ole.

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