Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adios noviosssss

Monday Metro shows up at our house while we were eating breakfast and getting ready for the pool. Eating some oatmeals. None of us had cell phones so it’s hard to meet up or make plans, but we would have eventually made it to the pool anyway so this jump started our morning.

baja 001

Volleyball, margaritas, sun block applications until we’re all starving and head to dollar night. This might have been the biggest bang for our buck on the trip. Each item is a dollar and it was all pretty damn good

baja 002


baja 003

After, and still eating, like a gd champion

baja 004

Metro didn’t have the same staminabaja 005

Dusty getting friendly with the horsies

baja 008

Col had some cauliflower

baja 009

We headed back to BJ and Lins to shower and heading back out soon after to Al’s bar. This place was not open, but the bartender knows Robbie and family so opened it up for us all. This is where Cols freshman year Spring Break peaked. We searched the giant underwear to add to the bars collection, but no luck. Headed back for our firt-time-free shots, giant goblet drinks, bubba on the cd player, dancing the night away and then some “yadayadayada” moments.

Tuesday morning I woke up at 6:30AM. All the dancing we do with drinking and then slamming down water we have managed to escape most chances of a hangover. I went for a quick run and then back to the house so we could walk to the guys house to try and pick up the sourdough starter, but he wasn’t there. Blast. Real bummed about missing out on that.

It was our last day so we figured was only right to spend a couple hours at the pool, last few games of volleyball and a mustache. We all departed fairly early and headed to a family bbq for eats (also where everyone commented on how handsome the boys we were hanging out with were. Any time we ran into folks we knew they called the boys cuties and assumed they were our nueve novios)

 baja 011

I played real life angry birds with Benjamin, the seven year old son of one of the guests for a while

baja 012

The hole of truth in their house showing what it is made out of

baja 013

and then we were off on a sand dollar mission for Wiki.

baja 016baja 017


baja 018

We also found this random beach booth. Oh hey didja boys want some BOOST?!

baja 014

As we were leaving we took a tour of the beach with “Janice.” “Well, now here are some of the exotic coconut trees here. Ya just climb right on up there those trees, give it a little shake and there ya go the coconuts just fall right down on ya and you can poke those straws right on through for a little sip.” It was very accurate.

All this education we worked up an appetite. Did 15 minutes pass? It’s time to eat. Colleen had this coco locos from one of these trucks her last visit and was raving about it. Once I tasted it I couldn’t shut up about it. We opted for the pina colada

baja 023

Holy craaaaaaaaap I could have had three more they were so delicious

baja 021

Isn’t she just the most adorable pineapple drinker that there Col Evs

baja 022

We drank enough of it in front of the truck that she even topped us off before we left

baja 020

Oh time to eat again? Next meal at a little fishing fish place down the street

baja 024baja 025

We spent a while looking for a silver unicorn for Wiki before quickly realizing it was time for ice cream, duh

Which we enjoyed in our ice cream house that we bought/stole after sampling and asking about every flavor they had. This room is ours now. Gracias para the gratis samples amigas. Now get out of our ice cream house.

baja 026

The entire time we hung out with the boys we were speaking in a mid-western accent, them included. Some how never getting sick of it or each other being so giddy. Mexico was just sucha silly place, my goodness golly gosh.

We tried to find the rest of our friends to say goodbye, but they were not home and none of us had working cell phones which makes all plans real tentative. On the way discussing pop tarts and eye patch business endeavors. After we had them suffer through some “Chopped” on the Food Network at the condo they scored we called it a night and said goodbye to our new old friends. Squaks.

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