Sunday, April 8, 2012

“Jesus you were so hammered last night, brah”

Easter morning I ran the six miles to the gate and back of the El Dorado community hating every second of it. It was hotter than most other mornings and no wind. Half way back I had to stop in the one part of shade I could find as my body was getting the chills from the heat and my sweat. Almost to the house I saw a bunch of people outside enjoying some drinks (at 10:30AM bless their souls) and invited me over. They’re friends of Col’s cousins. I sat and chatted with them sweating and panting my hour long run while they tried to feed me mimosas and hibiscus.

We opted for another day at the pool to send off Easter emails and do some work, in the end getting sucked into the $1 margaritas. I was not planning on drinking, but three (or five?) of the little things later and I am completely tanked and falling asleep poolside. Whoops. I remember Dusty calling me his hero a few times for which I hope was not something terrible.

Col and I kicked around a soccer ball while the boys played Cribbage.

la playa 004

We played elimination volleyball that went over real fast. Every time we go to the pool we ask Lins to pick us up at 3 and every single time we wind up changing plans and getting a ride from someone else. This time we promised it wouldn’t happen and sure enough 3 rolls around and we’re calling to tell them that Metro and Wikipedia are taking us home.

We showered, changed, polished off the crème de tequila and headed out to get some foods, first stopping at their campgrounds. They had pitched tents on the beach at Dusty’s house. You can camp anywhere here. No rules.

Oh and Wiki came out for the win when I asked if he happened to have any floss. I’d forgotten to pack any it’s just unacceptable. So we flossed. Then asked Metro to take us on an adventure in Mid-Western accents. The four of us were giddy for days, I don’t know how to recount and capture the accent and goofiness.

la playa 006

We went to a place that came recommended by Robbie that turned out to be Phenomenal. Hola pescados, bienvenidos to my stomach! We’ve nicknamed my stomach Alexis. She’s a brat and growing in size every day, hence the attempts to work her off with 6 mile runs and rock weight lifting.

I got the garlic fish. My god it was insanely good. (again, perhaps influenced by the sauce)

la playa 013

The owner brought us a free shrimp appetizer

la playa 012

Boys and their fish

la playa 015la playa 016

We walked up and down the strip again, this time no churros, but obviously dessert has to happen so we stopped at Blueberries for some “American ice cream” Good. Shit.

First, we found a giant pair of panties

la playa 018

It’s real hard to take pictures of crowds in the night time with a giant camera you’re trying not to draw attention to

la playa 009

The boys got the ever masculine strawberry cheese cake, Col got unknown and I got cookies and cream.

la playa 019

Then it was onward to the beach. We climbed up a rickety watch tower trying to take pictures of the moon and interrupting all of Wikis stories when this girl ran over to us crying and speaking Spanish and clinging onto Metro. With our combined knowledge of Spanish we figured out that she had a fight with her boyfriend and he had hit her. There was little we could do as we could barely speak to her beyond consoling her so we walked over to where a family was sitting on the beach around a fire. They spoke Spanish and eventually the father of her boyfriend came looking for her. We waited patiently while everyone talked and she got up to go with the father. It was all very strange. Carlos and his family were there grilling clams they had caught earlier in the day. He said that the girl was being cryptic with her answers to him. He asked where she lived and she said, tell me where you live so I can tell you where I live. Que? Hopefully it all worked out. They were leaving tomorrow and she can go back to her own family.

la playa 021la playa 023

We sat for a while with the family who offered us some of their clams. They were awesome and now the four of us are going to go clamming when it’s low tide and roast some of those suckers up. Giddy up, Alexis.

la playa 025

We came home to being locked out by BJ (this was the day of vertigo) and Chewy asleep on our bed.

la playa 026

Twas the longest, giggliest, drunkest, most Spanish Easter ever.

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