Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poker face! Do it!

Mo Baja 267

Friday the week felt as if our time here was quickly coming to an end. We went right into the usual routine, run, workout, pool. The internet was back and I was able to get some work done while we took turns watching the laptops as the other one played volleyball, dranking $1 margaritas from our new friend Dusty.

la playa 002

The evolution of heroes meeting: (I think I’m saying “be more excited about our friendship!)

Mo Baja 207

There it is

Mo Baja 206

SD took us home to shower, change and head back to play in the bocce ball tournament (that came with more free margaritas). I got to drive again, woot.

Wuh oh, party foul on the bocce court

Mo Baja 212

Col in action and mi favorito novio in the vest

Mo Baja 201 

We played some quick games of bocce and met Rosario who then took us to one of the best Mexican restaurants in her opinion. Before we left I’m looking past the tournament towards the road and who do I see but Wikipedia and Metro. We easily convinced them to come along to dinner which happened to be Andres bc they are just as big of fans of eating as we are. This was the second person to tell us it had the best Mexican food. Col and I got enormous margaritas and we all chowed down on their homemade crispy awesome tortilla chips. I called the waiter novio several times, but I think it just freaked him out then got us anything for free. Ya win some, ya lose some.

I got the cheese enchiladas (because I was a little saucy and did not remember the giving up cheese for lent thing),

Mo Baja 214

Col got Camron Volcano, an awesome shrimp stew.

Mo Baja 216

As these were the chumps who jazzed me about only taking food pics I made sure to get one of people. Mira! Amigos!

Mo Baja 215 After dinner we headed to JollyMon for karaoke, dance parties and parking lot pant changes 

Mo Baja 217Mo Baja 218

Even though I tell people I’m from Long Island they want to hear that I’m from New York City so when I was called up for karaoke it was announced “and all the way from New York City!!!!” Nope, but Dusty and I totally nailed our own rendition of “Sweet Caroline”. At one point letting my bicep do the singing. I’m a little thankful Col has misplaced the video footage of that. There was a whole lot of dancing, a couple more margaritas, Devon, another Baja favorite and her friends showed up, Metro, Wiki and Col tore it up on the dance floor, Dusty and I shuffled the crap out of LMFAO.

Another long day in Baja Col and I were dropped off by the boys, wait, we got a ride home from people and didn’t get a free bottle of liquor, damn. But still a ride home and in bed by midnight which was clutch as wake up Saturday morning was 5:45AM. Ay yi yi.

5:45AM wake up for a poker run

Mo Baja 223 

sun rising over the desert

Mo Baja 232

Stray dogs everywhere foraging for breakfast

Mo Baja 237

We were not enthused. It’s surprisingly easy to sleep in a sand rail despite the dirt, noise and jostling tho. It’s like you’re being aggressively rocked to sleep.

Mo Baja 251Mo Baja 252

We perked up when we found out our first stop was for donuts (alexisssssss!)

Mo Baja 240Mo Baja 242Mo Baja 243

Sun’s up in Baja!

Mo Baja 253

Mo Baja 254

i.e. time for a Jello shot!

Mo Baja 262

or seven

Mo Baja 264

Jello shots and donuts, breakfast of champions (i.e. retirees, i.e. my heroes….don’t tell my professors/future clients)

Mo Baja 263

This shop smelled incredible and look at the size of those babies. I think we tried every kind of donut and they were all slammin.’ And then we found a shake weight.

Mo Baja 266

Then off to begin the poker run. “Vamos a cerlos!”

Mo Baja 269

We started at base camp to pull our cards for the poker hand

Mo Baja 270

This dog pushed Col around a bunch, such a bully

Mo Baja 275Mo Baja 277

Grabbed a map (and a few snoozes of which lots of people took pictures of. We just can’t hang like the people down here)

Mo Baja 278

That is a bloody mary (wasn’t even 9AM at this point) with pour your own vodka out of the giant thermosMo Baja 279

We found deviled eggs

Mo Baja 280

Once we were all (had to be around 100 people) fed and boozed we hit to the roads. There were three check points. Mo Baja 282

  We paid 25 bucks to get a tshirt, 6 free drinks and a shot at winning $900. The deal was you choose your cards and then go to three check points.

Each check point had a theme, but all seemed to be military, the first a more MASH theme with some fun photo ops

  Mo Baja 289Mo Baja 290

Checkpoint two was creepy:


Mo Baja 292

More photo ops

Mo Baja 304Mo Baja 305Mo Baja 306

American flag wrist band made in China in Mexico

Mo Baja 308

Private Dick Nose and todos novias

Mo Baja 310

Jello shot break

Mo Baja 318Mo Baja 319

I wonder if this is where BJ contracted his vertigo…Mo Baja 320

Here we also decided to play a game with Lins. Lins is from London and completely awesome. She has a way of saying “ oh I don’t know!” in a hilarious way so we tried to see who could get her to say it first.

“Lins, what’s the furthest plant from us?” (It had to be outlandish enough of a question to get the right inflection)

“haven’t a clue”


“joseph, what’s the furthest planet from us?”

“oh…no I mean I don’t care don’t worry about it”

Cols turn, “what kind of peppers are on your scarf?”



“oh I don’t know!” OUT OF NOWHERE! We burst out laughing and Col takes the win. We got such a kick out of it we kept going.

Me: “lins what’s the capital of Mexico?”

Lins: Mexico city


How many jello shots did you have?



I can’t remember what question I asked her, but it elicited a response of “Oh I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know!” Every time she said it was like we were shocked with tickle electrodes and we keeled over in laughter. She figured it out. Freaking love this lady.

Third check point we wandered away from the group because there was a table of snacks that needed our attention. And a ton of jello shots. Aw yea this stupid annoying biker in the background kept telling us about this “fucking phenomenal party” he was going to be having later that night. It was going to be “stupid fun.” Go away. When we found our group Lins told us we missed cookies. Being the nerds we are we asked her to describe them to which she assumed we were messing with her again. No, seriously, please tell us about these cookies. She did and then Carol hooked us up with some she had hoarded. Booyah.

Check point three jello shots

Mo Baja 324Mo Baja 325

And cookies from Carol

Mo Baja 326

And more. gd. jello shots.

Mo Baja 328Mo Baja 329

Lins found a dolphin face and was real psyched about itMo Baja 342

Just too many jello shots

Mo Baja 343Mo Baja 344Mo Baja 346

Then back to base camp for dinner which I did not take a picture of because all it consisted of was lettuce, tomato, pickles and tator tots. We dined with the group and were invited to peoples houses for more tequila tasting. People love us young folk hanging around and are super inviting and just want to show people Baja and their house and bring you into their home and show you things and get you drunk. I’ve learned so much.

We went back to Permusa to hang out. Napping in the sun, walking down the beach, playing with wild beach pups and general lounging.

Mo Baja 362Mo Baja 366

The host showed us the guest house he built. Crazy impressive people and I can’t get enough of their stories and asking what they did before they retired and what brought them to Baja. They’re all pretty inspirational.

Mo Baja 368Mo Baja 369

Col and I have been having a blast. It has been years since we’ve spent this much time together. We met in junior high and were fast best friends. Even in college both upstate New York we only saw each other on the holidays and then I moved to Mass and she moved to LA and for the past six years we’ve kept in touch by emails and Christmas vacations. This trip we fell right back into our high school days of ridiculous jokes and fits of laughter. I’m blessed to have friends who take me in like this and then also take me to Mexico, but then above it all, someone who I can spend every hour of the day with having fun and laughing our heads off. And we already have a ton of things we’re planning on doing once back in the states. I think I smell a list in the making, doncha know.

Mo Baja 358

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