Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everyone gets a nickname

Thursday we got up and sat on the porch as we do most mornings with our tea before our sweaty runs in sweltering desert heat and calisthenics on the roof.


This was our second day without power and I had homework to submit so I went over to the neighbors house to steal internet. Then a run and workout as per usual baking in the sun then off to a bbq down the road.

Another day of being the youngest by about 20-30 years, but being out drank by everyone. At one point we were both napping on the futon after the host gave us a tequila tasting that knocked us on our asses, being disgraces to our age. We ate delicious food, chatted it up with these people living the dream and knocked back high end tequila. The tequila here is not like in the states where it burns everything it touches on the insides of you. It’s delicious and smooth, making it way more dangerous.

I have no pictures here unfortunately. We were hanging out in (someone we decided we were calling) Uncle Mikes solar powered golf cart and eventually stole it for a little joy ride. When back he broke out his wash tub basin string base, harmonica, tambourine and we all jammed as if we knew what we were doing. Karen was a character at the party we’d be remiss to forget. She was barracha and heckling us from her seat the entire time, waving her arms at us to get our attention and then calling us stupid for not seeing her with nothing else to add to it. Eventually she was carried to the car by her doting husband, first stopping to get our attention and tell us in a very poignant delivery “girls…you…you gotta make…” We’re really interested in this point as she had been yelling at us, swaying in her chair and talking to the sky for a good portion of the party. What do we need to make?? “you need to make…..menus in the sky” ….oh.

Uncle Mike told us about his very interesting career he had before retiring. Self employed along the lines of those tootsie rolls. I can’t get enough of the lives of these retirees. Everyone has such a different path that led them to Baja. I want them to all tell me things they wish they knew at my age. So far they tell us to eat and drink whatever we want and to save. Baja Joe is big on encouraging adventures. We also met this guy whose name is escaping me, but has a 100 year old sourdough starter I’m going to get a piece of. We have to walk over to his house in the morning. Holler.

After a day of drinking we meandered outside trying to find the little dipper and then scorpions. If you shine a black light on the ground at night you can find them, we had no luck, but got a lesson in the stars and then headed home to bed. Goodnight, tequila.

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