Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where we’re going we don’t need roads

Tuesday (day quatro) we set out in our rails early morning with a few other couples to this restaurant that used to only be accessible by plane. Just recently there are dirt roads put in so we could get up there in the rails. While princess took her naps.

Mo Baja 093

And we passed cowboys. Hola mis neuve novios!! (We started calling everyone in Mexico “mi novio.” I highly recommend it.)

Mo Baja 008

Roaming horses

Mo Baja 013

It is insanely dusty in the rail and why all the pictures are not as clear as they should be

Mo Baja 026

Mo Baja 019Mo Baja 023 

Trudging through the water

Mo Baja 039Mo Baja 041

Finally reaching Sky Ranch after about a three hour ride

Mo Baja 042

Mo Baja 044

It’s a hotel/restaurant with the best machaca tacos around

Mo Baja 073

Col and I opted for beans only

Mo Baja 075

Hey look we hang out with people too, not just food!

Mo Baja 076

Then went for a swim

Mo Baja 047Mo Baja 053

Played behind the bar

Mo Baja 060Mo Baja 064

Then back on our way

Mo Baja 089

This time passing some greenery and farms

Mo Baja 095

Returning with half the desert on our bodies

Mo Baja 107Mo Baja 108

That night we took it easy watching Chopped and bull shitting like two ol ladies whose lives revolve around food. End scene.

Wednesday we set out to the pool again for internets and power after the inverter at the house busted. The house is on solar power so this left us with nada only to find out that the pool area was also out of power and internet. Squaks. I still hunkered down to get whatever school work done I could offline while Col played the Vball and met our newest tour guide, San Diego (SD).

Mo Baja 120

SD washes windows and needed help so Col jumped on that so when volleyball was over we high tailed it out of the resort to get to work.

Mo Baja 121

We wound up only washing a few windows in one condo, but emptied trash and took photos for rental properties too. Well, we did this while he worked

Mo Baja 125Mo Baja 126

Mo Baja 129

He came by the next morning to give us our pay. Cash money.

  Mo Baja 192

Not only did we get work, but we spent the entire day with SD tromping around town in his jeep. Ummm hey there SD, I’ll drive now!

Mo Baja 123

I got to drive the bad boy most the day, the best part is that he has a button that plays a siren noise instead of a horn. We abused the hell out of it amusing ourselves like little kids when passing anyone or anything in our way.

When the roads got tiresome we took it to the beach for some beach driving and sand dollar searching while hearing about SDs past and present and run from the law. As we were driving around and I was bouncing around the backseat the wind blowing through the windowless jeep flipping our hair everywhere, engine roaring over their screaming voices I realized how much this is Cols Ireland. Random encounters that lead to day long adventures except the weather is much nicer and there is more tequila less Guinness, more tacos, less brown bread, more novios, less heartache, more lizards less cows so possibly not the same at all. I tried to get a pic, but we were flying around everywhere in the little jeep I couldn’t get the camera straight.

Mo Baja 140Mo Baja 146Mo Baja 155

Oh. And there was a puppy.

Mo Baja 161

A heart meltingly adorable puppy named Tank

Mo Baja 166

In addition to the puppy at his house was copious amounts of booze. We introduced Col to whipped cream vodka. You’re welcome aaaaand I’m sorry.

Mo Baja 133

His mom makes homemade kalhua that was unreal. He actually wound up giving it to us. Don’t mind if we do! Please join our other free bottle of booze from previous best tour guide. Ole.

Mo Baja 174

Dinner time rolled around and we headed into town for some tacos pescados.

Mo Baja 167

I don’t eat much fish, but we were a bit sauced so bring on the seafood. I ordered a margarita that we all thought was a little weak so the bartender came out and poured some tequila right into the glass.

Mo Baja 169

Ole! Now, really bring on the seafood.

 Mo Baja 170

Now there was a combination of being sauced and not having had fish in a while, but I thought these were the best fish tacos I’d ever had. Holy moly. And you got to garnish it with all the fixin’s to boot. (Just noticing now that my margarita had been slammed down before we even got our meal)

Mo Baja 173

Here we met Metro and Wikipedia, two guys traveling to Mehico from Seattle. They looked lost in the restaurant so we started talking to them and then invited them to sit. They both happen to be non drinkers, but didn’t skip a beat with our buzzed antics and conversation. After we all ate we took off on the strip, now hopping for the holiday weekend. I held onto my camera and laptop tight as we’d been warned it’s dangerous to be on the strip during this week as people can pick out tourists and pick pocket like the best of them. We had no issues.

Mo Baja 179

Of course we had to get dessert, and churros were calling our name and I was calling the vendor “mi novio” Once I did he stuffed a few more churros into the bag. Booyah!

Mo Baja 180

Then Metro comments “oh this is one of those girls who takes pictures of everything she eats.” Yea I do buddy. Yea I do.

Mo Baja 182

We stopped to watch some dancing and tried to test our Spanish with the locals before heading back to the jeep to take a few more swigs of the homemade kalhua. While we were standing around a street vendor came up and got me to buy a bracelet. El sucker. After immediately regretting my purchase I tried to then sell the bracelets to anyone passing us.

“On sale today only!….then probably tomorrow, too, actually!”


A vendor down the street humored me for a little bit, taking out 50 pesos making me think I was about to make a sale (after calling him mi nueve novio), but eventually reneged his pesos, called me a sucker and gave me a free bracelet as consolation. Not too bad. Col and Metro have this all videod.


Finally our long day was hitting us and it was time to change location. We wanted to go to Pete’s Camp, but little did we know that closes at 9PM. On the way there SD tore off the road and drove half the way onto the beach. Before we got to the beach he almost drove us off of a cliff. No fooling. We’re tearing down this road towards the water in between the tents that are set up as people from Mexicali come down and tent out all over the desert for the holiday, this family we’re passing is yelling at us and waving their arms “no no no!” and then we floor to a stop mere inches away from a complete drop off. I drove that jeep and the brakes are not responsive so thank god SD was alert enough to slam down on the badboys and not kill us all. He got us home safe and sound sending us to bed with the aforementioned tasty tequila. I have fuzzy, but nice memory snap shots of driving down the beach in the backseat by moonlight, stereo a-blasting, none of us speaking, and riding right up against the crashing waves.

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