Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heart’s broken

Last Monday Col took me to Malibu to go rock climbing on the beach at Point Dune National PreserveMalibu rockclimbing 015

My lens is begging for a cleaning Malibu rockclimbing 016Malibu rockclimbing 021


Malibu rockclimbing 022 copy

We walked down the beach looking for the group

Malibu rockclimbing 024

Found starfish instead

Malibu rockclimbing 030

That we were apparently not allowed to be picking upMalibu rockclimbing 032 copy

And realized we happened to be walking in the wrong directionMalibu rockclimbing 026

Back up we go

Malibu rockclimbing 028Malibu rockclimbing 029

Malibu rockclimbing 035

Malibu rockclimbing 037

Finally found the kids

Malibu rockclimbing 095

View from the top

Malibu rockclimbing 038

Susan repels first

Malibu rockclimbing 045

While everyone stares off into the distanceMalibu rockclimbing 048

She made it!

Malibu rockclimbing 051

Strapping in with our fearless leader. I hate heights, but he was so calm and cool about everything you kind of just trusted that it wasn’t a big deal to be all the way up there about to repel down a mountain hanging by a ropeMalibu rockclimbing 053

Once you get going ya can fly down itMalibu rockclimbing 062

Woot! We waited at the bottom while everyone made their way down to have some snacks, throw the frisbee around and hear what exciting jobs they have. Everyone we’ve met in these hiking and rock climbing groups have been pretty great

Malibu rockclimbing 065

Once we were all down we climb back up!Malibu rockclimbing 072

The shoes make so much of a difference. Little edges that stick out and don’t seem at all able to support your weight can actually handle it when you have them on.

 Malibu rockclimbing 075

A squirrel ran away with our apple coreMalibu rockclimbing 078

Susan and Col scaling like a coupla gladiators

Malibu rockclimbing 079

I felt like spiderman scaling this thing it was so much fun. Had to try to remember to use more muscles in your legs than in your arms which is the natural thing to want to do and pull yourself up, but if you plant your legs they do a lot of the work. Knowing this my arms were still wicked sore for a few days after

Malibu rockclimbing 092

Around this point Col told me to turn to my right as a baby whale was breaching in the wavesMalibu rockclimbing 087

So it’s Monday, we’re already rock climbing in Malibu and then a baby whale shows up? How is my heart not in this state? It’s clearly not working right.

Malibu rockclimbing 091 copy

Matt grabbed his scuba stuff to try and get a closer lookMalibu rockclimbing 093

“Where’d he go?”

Malibu rockclimbing 094

We had to jettison out of here to dog walk, but took a slight detour on the way home for some fresca frutaMalibu rockclimbing 096

EVERY single one of these strawberries was the perfect strawberry shape. Almost suspiciously so, and they were also gd delicious. We got another one of those awesome yellow mangos we had in Mexico and some black and blueberriesMalibu rockclimbing 097

All which we have been bombing our beloved oatmeal with each morning

potluck 002

All real well played, California, well played

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