Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roommates are the bestmates

I went to California not really considering that I may fall for it and add to the list of places to live. How do you figure that out? Col and I watched “Away We Go,” the other night, about a couple trying to find the best place to start their family. Maya Rudolph and Jim Krazinkski (sp?) played the couple visiting different cities trying to figure out their future. Good stuff, but no tips on where to plant yourself. When the movie was over I moved to their kitchen table and started to feel down, but soon enough Col came over and we were giggling about Mexico. Roommates.
Some dinner times in the NoHo
Malibu rockclimbing 002Malibu rockclimbing 005
With these lovely ladies
Malibu rockclimbing 012
It must have been last Saturday that Col had business to attend to so Dr. S “watched” me. We went to the store to try to learn how girls do make up (it took forever), got fro-yo and passed the gas station where a scene in Clueless was filmed!
Malibu rockclimbing 008
I spent a lot of time with this couch potato
potluck 001
Hangin at the park moments before Col called me to join her and Dlex for ridiculously tasty sushi that I don’t have a picture of.
birthday 28 036
The next day we went back to Dlex’s company to celebrate Friday night. At least once a weekend we go for a hike in the mountains or around this dog park with hiking buddies discussing a twist on motivational speaking where we tell people to chill out, don’t reach for those stars, you don’t want to strain yourself. One day going to RFDs for brunch and sitting mere feet away from Dave Novaro.
Earlier in the week we met up with an old coworker who treated us to many beers, vegan brats and french fries at a place reminiscent of Wurstkutch we went to weeks ago. It’s hard to believe I was away from NY for six weeks. Time flies. This year is already four months over. We traded fun stories with the bartender and flat tire stories with another patron and then called it a night (possibly a Wednesday night)
And even earlier in the week then that I went with Col to Manhattan Beach as she had a Kung-Fu seminar. I walked down the beach (that had no cell service compounded with my dying phone)
birthday 002
Trying to find a coffee house to catch up on hw and only finding a Starbucks. Dag. But on the way there I got a free garlic knot, woot.
birthday 003
When inside a customer made a comment about my phone (as it is not a touch, space, i, or droid phone), and we got to talking. It was a pleasant conversation, but then he just wouldn’t leave. I seriously need to learn my lesson about talking to strangers. He wound up giving me his number and email in case I ever wanted a tour of the beach or hey, maybe check out the palm trees in his yard! Because I can’t see them anywhere else? While in this conversation I moved to a seat and gave “help me” eyes to a girl sitting down next to us. She tried to interrupt, but he was going a mile a minute and finally I just told him to please leave as I had to do homework and do not need a personal tour guide or to see his triple tree hammock (which seems like a stupid idea anyway, kidnapper).
The craziest part about this story was it wasn’t even the craziest thing to happen at this Starbucks. The girl I was shooting “help me” eyes at told me she was in a similar situation where sometimes you just can’t read a persons intentions. She was trying to sell Coachella tickets and was waiting for a guy to come pick them up, but he was giving her a hard time about coming into the shop. She wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he kept insisting they meet outside and do the exchange in his car. Uh, no? She had brought a friend with her who was sure he was going to rob her. The guy called twice and after a half hour finally came in to meet her. They chatted for a little bit before he said ok, I’ll take the tickets, “but I didn’t bring the money in with me.” Deal breaker, dummy. He asked again for her to come outside with him to his car. Granted it was a lot of money that he would have been carrying around, but she had Coachella tickets in her purse. That shit ain’t safe either. She pressed him to get the money and come back. He left. And never came back. Meaning he never had the money or intention to buy the tickets. Her friend called it; he was going to straight up rob her. They called the police at the chance that when they left he was going to follow them. They gathered their things frantically while I kept exclaiming “but this is a nice area, isn’t it?! This is Manhattan Beach, right?!” They assured me it was and the guy didn’t think I was with them so no worries, but as they were leaving my dude walked back in. Crap. I slinked down, but he walked right over to me asking if I wanted to meet his dog or go for a walk. Stranger danger. My phone was also completely dead at this point, just to throw that element into things that wasn’t all that exciting or dangerous, but, if I was paying attention, probably a learning moment.
Saturday Mer Col and I went to Hugos for tamales, Menchies for FroYo and then HandMade and Buffalo Exchange for some shopping. It was one of those simple days where I’m biting my tongue from repeating how happy I am over and over again. I miss my roommates. Over and over again.
Sunday was my last day. Ari asked if I felt ready to leave. I didn’t, but I think that’s the best time to leave a place. Before you’re ready. I wasn’t ready to leave Ireland in any sense, but you get in a lot less trouble when you leave the party early.
Col and I went to Ranyon Canyon for a change in scenery for hiking, running into Dlex on the hill. This place was packed, people everywhere, and fog
potluck 004potluck 007potluck 008potluck 009potluck 011
And then to the huge Hollywood farmers market to eat our way through in free samples
potluck 012potluck 013
There were also free massages offered at this Sunday Funday farmers marketpotluck 014
And then back to the apartment for a potluck the roommates arranged where I was too busy hugging and eating to take a lot of pictures of, only the important stuff like this impromptu bike riding adpotluck 017
They brought the house down with an entire box of cupcakes that we all split in a cupcake tasting and best end to this LA adventure
potluck 023
They were from Velvet cupcakes and came with a card of which ones were which. All these cupcake places have the same exact looks to them I don’t get it (Sprinkles, Velvet, DC). Are they all actually owned by the same people or is a cupcake days of the week calendar just the best and only way to run a cupcake place? I ask, but I’m not complaining. These were delicious, especially the cookies and cream and fluer de sal (chocolate cupcake with caramel and sea salt).
potluck 022
“Liz, I bet you can fit a whole cupcake in your mouth”
When does the part of aging kick in where you also make good decisions? Waitin’ for it.
After eating so much food we went for a walk in the park lookin like a buncha GAP models, they do. Jesse and I polished some details about possible job opportunities such as a one line movie reviewer (“hey, buddy”) and dog explainer (“yea, but they’re fluffy”)
potluck 026

Then off to Burbank airport where my bag was 4lbs over, but they let me get on anyway. Love that California laidback attitude. “This is Burbank, we’re okay with it.” I got an emergency exit seat to boot. I started working on a presentation and final paper in the airport, on the flight and then again on the train from the airport that was due at noon, Monday. Probably not my best work, but that is how you travel school. Booyah.

And now I’m back to the interim that is Long Island with a month left of graduate school and a lot more people effecting where life’s going to take things. Ho hum. Where to next?

Vermont and New Orleans are next woot woot!

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