Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Linda (part duex)

Day two we were on house arrest without access to a car, but up bright and early just the same. It was a cloud cover day in the del rey, but we were armed with red box movies that made us laugh, cry and very angry. First things first tho, breakfast on the cheap. Oats and apples. Apples and oats.

Day two 002

Hopped up on oats and emotions we went for a run on the beach. It was all going swimmingly; beach scenes, cool breeze, stoic seagulls, until a youth biker gang (i.e. PE class) side swiped us.

Day two 007

Back to the apartment for more burritos, kale salad and veggie smoothie

Day two 005

More strolls around the neighborhood

Day two 006

Looking for people standing in the darkness…afraid to step into the light (get it? read it again, put some oomph into it)

Day two 010

Magz cracked open her first beer after polishing off her 17th Perrier and veggie smoothieDay two 012

Said polishing in action

Day two 016

Not featured is a trip to a local craft bar restaurant for happy hour and bbq pizza for dinner. While we waited for friends to arrive and join us in the party we enjoyed Ben and Jerry’s company and did some wine curls. This trip is all about balance

Day two 017Day two 021

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