Monday, March 26, 2012

With all this unemployment on my hands

you’d think I’d be able to keep up to date on my time across the country. After a long weekend that’s left me a little under the weather, I’m finally going to recap a bit of the here and there. I’ve missed an entire week and without pictures it’s hard to keep it interesting, but alas, I don’t want to forget it.

I can’t BELIEVE it’s been two weeks. This time two weeks ago I was in NYC with Magz headed to JFK trying to figure out if I had lost my wallet and not really caring if I had at all. It’s always something. We took a gym class that morning and then she went back to work and I went to the park for lunch

LA take three 130

On a bench parked right in front of the temptingly low line for Shake ShackLA take three 131

After a few hours of reading I met up with a friend uptown and walked the crap out of this day. I kept thinking to myself it was a good day to be unemployed.

LA take three 134

I think that here a lot too. I’m taking grad classes on the road again so I don’t feel like a complete bum. The flexibility of all of it is fantastic.

So since being here I’ve been splitting my time between Playa and NoHo. My friends cart me back and forth. It feels as if they’re a family of four parents that have gone through an amicable divorce and I am shared custody. I gotta say, it’s pretty sweet. They drive me places, take me to ice cream, let me run the house while they’re at work.

In Playa the days went beach runs in the morning.

Beach side 001

We had some gloomy days in the del rey

Beach side 002

Beach homework by evening

Beach side 065

Those roommates work crazy hours in this industry so I wouldn’t see them until after 10 or 11PM. Crazy house.

Last Friday Col picked me up from Playa and we made Irish soda bread to celebrate St. P.

Beach side 008

Friends all live in Los Angeles, but it’s so spread out it is not super convenient to get around. Playa is down beach side, NoHo is inland and then there is a straggler in a placed called Eagle Rock which I’ve only heard about.


In the morning we headed over to a gym class lead by the one and only Richard Simmons entitled Sweat, and sweat we did. He was a sweetheart in the end, but during the class he was a harsh and there was a lot of yelling. He was all dressed up in green as it was St. Paddy’s day after all.

slimmons (2)

We refueled on the way home with delicious (and cheap) tacos from Hugos. Sugar mamma treated me to two soyrizo tacos and she got two awesome green tamales. I will be back.

Beach side 012Beach side 013

As we headed home we passed her frisbee team playing in the park so we ran home to eat tacos and then head out to join them. It was muddy.


After mud frisbee and showers we headed to a bar where I broke my lent sacrifice and had some green beer. And power bars? Then it was onto a feast of sushi, a stop at trader joes and onto bowling as per the birthday boys wishes.

Happy St. Zombies!


Sunday, still in NoHo, the roommates and I went to the farmers market. Free samples galore:

And then on a hike, where we hiked behind Big from Sex and the City! :O

Beach side 030Beach side 031 copy

And came upon the back of George Clooney’s house

Beach side 041

We headed down to Playa where our friends who had just run a marathon were crashing for the day. We celebrated their amazingness and ate some goods we bought at the market as if we had also just ran a marathon and respected Sunday for what it was made for; relaxin’

Beach side 044

Three movies and a few Jamesons later we called it a night.

Beach side 042

The rest of last week was spent in Playa, beach side running and reading and homeworking. Wednesday night Col picked me up to go to Koreatown for some Karaoke. And churros. We got a boss parking space right outside the bar (you have to drive EVERYWHERE in LA), but not only that, there was a guy selling churros 4 for $1. Yep.

Street sweets

No pictures of karaoke probably for the better. The next morning I went to café Amure somewhere around NoHo to brainstorm ideas with one of Cols teammates about nutrition shows and spent the rest of the day studying and sunning.

Thursday night NoHo roomies and I watched a terrible Lifetime movie and all went to bed super early. I was up at 6am to walk to the metro and take an Amtrak to Fullerton where Playa roomie was picking me up to go to DisneyLand!

One churro at DisneyLand was $3.50 and not nearly as good as the street sweets in Koreatown. Just to note. We went on a hunt for beignets that were amazing and sandwiches for lunch with a side of fruit that tasted a bit more like perfume


Amusement parks are exhausting (I fell asleep in the Michael Jackson movie “ride”) so after a 12 hour day of walking around we had a quiet night watching Midnight in Paris and passing out.

Saturday we got lunch at a bright and friendly farm place and then walked around the marina. I needed to get back to NoHo so Playa roomies and NoHo roomies met halfway, somewhere in Santa Monica and handed me over. We went right to the San Antonio winery for some free flights and then to an awesome sausage place called Wurstkuch. They had tables in the back laid out like a beer garden and took me back just a little bit to the tables in Munich. No Julian, but delicious vegetarian sausages and fries.

They had three veg options to choose from. I went with Spicy Italian. and then a plethora of dippings for the fries. We split curry ketchup, chipotle mayo and pesto mayo. Pictures are pretty shitty as I didn’t bring my camera and had to use the craptastic phone, but it was all delicious.


We took a brief respite at a friends back in NoHo before then going to a bar that again was having a karaoke night, but with the added bonus of $1 jello shots. I was telling everyone that you could only buy them ten at a time so we got jello-y a real fast :)

We wound up taking over the dance floor as our party grew to 15 or so people. Most left the bar around 4am. Couple of us sticking around to go to a house party in the woods, or hills maybe. Col had handed me her iphone to navigate us, but being a dinosaur who doesn’t know how to work a smartphone and useless due to 12 or so jello tastings I abdicated the responsibility and she had to navigate AND drive. Thanks/sorry, Col!

We got to the house where a tina turner wig was found, an ab machine that electrodes your stomach was found, a PARROT of some sort was found. There are no pictures that need to be surfaced.

As we were leaving it was almost dawn so it was decided that we needed to find a 24hr breakfast joint. After two failed attempts (we were hell bent on eating) we found one. And it was serving strawberry milkshakes. Four of us went in to dine, but one slept the entire time in my lap, like a champ, never fully enjoying said strawberry milkshake so we all helped him out. Finally we were home. It was 7AM, we were up in 2-3 hours and about to endure the longest day of my life.

It started by taking a trip to an auto shop for a few hours while Col’s car was serviced. A auto place that had free cookies, coffee AND a massage chair. And then to a friends place to make brunch and a struggle to stay awake and make conversation, but the zombie hangover was ensuing so we left soon after pancakes with intentions to nap. We rested from 3-5PM to then go grocery shopping and get fixings for a pizza feast.

Before: (vidalia onion veggie on the left, Hawaiian bbq on the right)

la 009la 012


la 019la 022

And then! Menchies. I’d yet to enjoy serve yourself fro-yo this trip. Totally worth the wait.

la 023555919_876661725849_13800990_38706797_2026130613_n

And then for when you think we’d just go home to sleep we came home, splashed some water on our faces and headed to a jazz night at the W downtown apparently missing an unplanned appearance by Gladys Knight. Party rock.

Monday was hellish. Col and I are both sick and still paying for it. I toured NoHo, studied, took Ruf for a walk and tried to stay in the fresh air as much as possible as it was the only time I didn’t feel like crawling into a ball. noho 001la 027noho 005

NoHo roomies came home from work, we had dinner and then went to Diddy Riese

noho 003noho 002

$1.75 choose your own combo ice cream sandwich. President Washington approved. I got Chocolate White Chocolate Cookies with Espresso chip icecream, Mer got Candy Chocolate Chip cookie with Mint chip ice cream. Col got tea. Psh.

noho 004

The NoHo roomies and I visited California when we were 18. It’s now 10 years later and the two of them live here, but it doesn’t feel like too much has changed when we’re driving around, car dancing, getting ice cream and laughing at the same jokes. There’s much lub here.

And now I’m caught up! Col and I went for a run with her friend Jenna this morning and now onto errands for the rest of the day. Today is a big one:

noho 006

Party Rock, Betty.

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